Working mom with baby in a lap

14 Painfully Hilarious Tweets About Weary, Wonderful Working Moms

You’ve got to give it up for working moms. They handle boardroom meetings and breastfeeding with ease. They race home just in time for the witching hour when they have to whip up a meal (still wearing their work clothes, natch) that absolutely no one will eat. They burn the midnight oil trying to get work done because it’s almost impossible to get anything done in the office. So of course there's an almost endless stream of hilarious tweets about working moms, which is good news for over-extended mamas in desperate need of a laugh.

The working moms of today look a lot different from those of the past, mostly in part because the world of work has changed. Working mothers might work a traditional 9-5 job, or they might work nights and weekends. Full-time, part-time, job sharing, flexible schedules, compressed workweeks — you name it, working moms do it all. And then there are the work-at-home mothers who telecommute while still trying to get work done (despite interruptions from friends and family who don’t necessarily “get” what it means to work remotely).

In the end, though, let it be said for the record that all moms are working mothers, employed or otherwise. These memes will probably resonate with mommas everywhere who are just trying to bring home the bacon... and the breast milk, too.


A Little Pee On The Floor Never Hurt Anyone

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you... in the past 24 hours. After all, can you really call yourself a parent if you haven’t felt like passing out from fatigue while you were peeing on the toilet? We think not.


Just One More Load...

Laundry, dishes, and cooking, oh my! The hurdles that working moms face (even before they get out the door in the morning) almost feel insurmountable sometimes. At least this cute cartoon accurately depicts it all.


Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Yeah, @WxLiz! Tell your boss that your 5 year-old thinks work is stupid. We’re sure that will go over real well! (Can’t say we blame your kid, though.)


Plus A Cacophony Of Coughing

Sure, you might get to work in yoga pants during the day, but once your kid spikes a fever, working from home can be hellish. Be prepared for incessant interruptions, pukey kids, and strange sounds from your pets.


A Good Case To Work From Home

Trudging outside in sub-arctic temps to get to work? Um, no thanks. But you can’t be “grumpy” when you get to work from home — and have a cozy fire on, too.


Adorable Assistants Come With The Job

You’ll get no argument from us, @tiffanyiswrite! Although you can bet that her assistant is probably asking for lots of Goldfish and juice box breaks.


There's Always Tomorrow, Working Moms

It’s easy to get tuckered out when you’re trying to balance your career and motherhood. But even when you’re facing extreme exhaustion, just know that you can keep on keeping on — if not today, then tomorrow.


When The Objective Is To Simply Survive

Sure, it might feel like you’re just trying to survive each day. Claire definitely gets it, as evidenced by her homework. Someone needs to give this kid (and her working mother) a gold star... and a possible promotion.


Wrapping Paper And Ribbons Are Extra

We think that the Amazon Fairy should totally be a thing, TBH. After all, he brings kids what they want — boxes and boxes to play with! Who cares what’s inside? And then parents can call it a “wrap”. (Get it?)


And Handling It Like A BOSS

When you think of all the hoops you have to jump through in order to make it all work, you just have to laugh. (Otherwise, you’d cry, and that’s not a good look.) Kudos to this working mother for her Herculean efforts to pick up her kid from daycare — and on time, too.


No Excuses, Boys

This working momma doesn’t have time to do driveways. So even though her kiddos might have a snow day, stuff still has to get done. (And don’t forget the Kennedy’s driveway, too, boys, or you might not see your Nintendo Switch again.)


Seize, Er, Squeeze The Day

Sometimes you can find inspiration anywhere … even on a Jamba Juice cup. So for those times when it feels like you have to squeeze every second out of the day in order to get all of it (or at least some of it) done, look to your drink for some liquid momma motivation.


The Shade Is Called Cafe Au Lait

When makeup isn’t enough, you can always hit your local café joint for something to make you look (and feel) half alive. Now if Starbucks could come out with its own makeup line, that would be awesome.


Poop Happens

Who hasn’t experienced a diaper blowout at the most inopportune time? This work-from-home momma found out first-hand how her little guy felt about her back-to-back conference calls… by pooping right up his back.