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14 Leap Day Baby Names For Kids With Exceptional Timing

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Having a baby on Leap Day means your little one’s birthday will always be pretty special. Born on a day that only occurs every four years, your kid may deserve a Leap Day baby name befitting their unusual date of birth. After all, there are only a select few babies born February 29 every four years, so your kid's birthday will always be one of those things that makes them even more unique an interesting.

Other than enjoying an extra-special birthday when it actually does occur, your Leap Year baby will also have the distinction of belonging to a select group. Because the odds of being born on Leap Day are 1 in 1,461, your baby automatically belongs to a population of around 4.1 million people in the world, as reported by the New York Post. It’s difficult to imagine any other date inspiring that kind of interest.

So with that in mind, here are Leap Day-inspired baby names. Whether incorporated as a first or middle name, they are a sweet way to mark your baby’s entrance in the exclusive ranks of leapers. While all birthdays are special, these have the distinction of being a little more exotic than most.



Because your kid's birthday only occurs every four years, why not choose IV, the roman numeral four, and spell it as Ivy? It's a clever way to mark the occasion, and sharing a moniker with Beyonce's kid is a great way to start life.



Leap Day is also associated with Sadie Hawkins Day (you know, the day when women ask out dudes). It's also just a pretty name that means "princess."



Julius Caesar is responsible for the calendar system that introduced the leap day every four years, so any variation of his name would be an appropriate moniker for leaper babies. Jules and Julia are also nice versions.



Why not name your little one for a rare jewel? Amethyst is also the birthstone for February.



Playing on the "leap" part of Leap Day, the name Springer means "to jump." It would make a clever middle name for any February 29 baby.




This Swahili name means "precious jewel." It's fitting for a child with such a rare birth date.



Alula means "first leap." It's also a beautiful and unusual moniker (and it's a palindrome!).



Berezi is a Basque name that means "special." Because your kid is automatically in a pretty special club just by being born on February 29.



Because Leap Day falls on a Saturday this year, you could play into the sweet poem that starts like "Monday's child is fair of face." For a Saturday child, they work "hard for a living," according to the poem, so a name like Wright, which means "carpenter," according to Nameberry, definitely gives those hardworking vibes.



Ender is a sweet, delicate Turkish name that actually means "very rare," according to Nameberry, so it feels especially appropriate for a Leap Day babe.



Anoki is a Hindu name that means "unique," so if you want your little girl's moniker to reflect her birthday, it's a lovely choice.



Because a Leap Day happens to keep up with the lag from the sun compiled over four years, a name that goes with that big, bright star is a cute choice. Soleil is sun in French, and it's such a pretty name for a little girl.




If you decide to celebrate March 1 as your baby's birthday on the non-Leap years, Brooke is a sweet choice as it ties into water, which ties into March's birthstone of aquamarine.



Another unique name, Gordie also has a sweet tie to Leap Day if you're a hockey fan. On February 29, 1980, Gordie Howe scored his 800th goal in the NHL, which is a pretty huge deal. The magic of Leap Day maybe?