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14 Reasons Women Who Refuse To Hate Their Bodies Are Amazing In Bed

You know how, in movies, the overly confident, kinda mean people are someone portrayed as toxic-but-still-super-hot? Yeah, that's a fairly shitty portrayal of a depressingly accurate reality, but there's a closely related, and way less annoying related phenomenon: women with body confidence are more attractive for sure, because there's obviously a huge difference between "awesomely confident" and "arrogant, egotistical jerk" but both tend to be pretty hot. Actually, women who refuse to hate their bodies are not only more attractive, they're amazing in bed.

Women who has decided not to buy into the idea that their bodies are somehow not good enough are confident enough to not be worrying about what they're looking like through each position, or whether or not their partner can see those barely there love handles. Over confidence might be pretty close to the highest level on the douche-o-meter, but having body confidence and refusing to hate your body makes for a bomb-ass time in bed for these body confident women and their partners.

I don't know that I totally refuse to hate my own body; Like most people, I have my rockstar days of feeling too photogenic not to take hella selfies, and then I have my days of feeling most comfortable in huge sweatshirts and yoga pants (even though you know I wouldn't be working out, so those things are totally just for show). Anyway, women who refuse to hate their bodies can look forward to some ridiculous sessions in bed. Here are just some of the reasons why their confidence game makes their bedroom game on point.


Confidence Is Sexy

Confidence looks good on everyone and for those of us lucky enough to possess some of that awesomeness, we can agree that it feels good too. And when you feel confident in your body and sexy to yourself, a lot of that tends to come off in waves for your partner.


They Love Showing Off Their Goods

Women who refuse to hate their bodies usually kind of love their bodies. And getting into bed with a woman who loves her body means getting to enjoy it all yourself if she lets you.


They Don't Have Insecurities Clouding Their Thoughts

I am definitely guilty of letting all of my insecurities and worries about my appearance, unsightly body hair, and various bodily smells and sounds get into my head during sex, distracting me enough to make the whole experience pretty much suck. And when you have insecurities clouding your mind, it takes something big away from the moment for everyone involved. Women who totally celebrate their body in all its realness are not worried about that shit — they're right there in it, which frankly, is the best place to be if you want to have a crazy-good time in bed.


They Don't Need Sex To Fill An Emptiness

Some people use sex as a means to feel better about other aspects of their lives, using it as a sort of elixir to banish loneliness and make them feel better. But women who don't hate their bodies bring with them the drive for sex because they want it — not because they need someone else to feel whole.


They're More Uninhibited

Look, I'm not saying that every woman who loves her body is automatically into everything sexually. People still have their preferences, and someone can be super body-positive for themselves and still relatively vanilla in bed (hey, vanilla is amazing.) But remember that whole confidence thing I was talking about before? Well thanks to that, women with body confidence are much more inclined to feel freer with the bodies they love so much, and less self-conscious, making them pretty outstanding in bed no matter what they are (or are not) into.


They Have Determination When It Comes To Pretty Much Everything

Building up your self-confidence is no easy feat and for some, it definitely does not come naturally. For those women, they have a determination of loving themselves and their bodies that is to be totally envied. And that sort of determination goes a long way when you're trying to get someone off and get yourself off in the process.


They Know What They Want

Knowing what you want is one of the sexiest things when it comes to anything, including sex. Women with body confidence are secure in what they've got, how they can move, and how to get what they want from their partner in bed. Which is a lot better than awkwardly lying in bed together, staring at the ceiling.


They Know What Makes Them Feel Sexiest

No one knows your body like you do, and confident women who refuse to hate their bodies are no different. Feeling sexy in bed makes for a sex kitten of a partner and if you know what makes you feel sexiest, you'll probably have a super-hot sesh.


They Are More In Tune With Their Partner's Needs

Because they aren't over-analyzing everything and their minds aren't going a mile a minute with the most random insecurities, they are naturally more present in the whole experience. Part of that includes being aware of what's happening with their own body (stronger orgasms anyone?) and part of it means, in turn, being in tune with what their partner needs in bed (stronger orgasms anyone??)


They Can Check Their Flaws At The Door

Women with body confidence find it easy to leave their insecurities about any existing flaws out of the bedroom. Which is pretty sexy in itself.


They Know Which Parts Of Their Body Shine

Women who refuse to hate their bodies not only accept the parts of themselves that maybe some people would tell them are "flawed" but they also find it so much easier to find the parts of their bodies that are especially on point. Self-love and self-awareness are closely related, and when the two exist in a sexual context... I mean, it's pretty incredible.


They'll Likely Keep The Lights On

True, there is definitely some sexy mystery in turning out the lights before sex, but there is also something pretty nice about keeping the lights on in order to get the most out of that body confidence during a romp. It's like, "Hi, here's my body. It's badass and beautiful and interesting and very hot, and I'm here to do fun things with it. Nothing to hide. Let's do this." OK, LET'S.


They Aren't Afraid To Be Vocal

Loving your body means speaking up during sex, to communicate what you want, what you don't want, and to — ahem — audibly reaffirm what a killer job their partner is doing. And for these body confident women who totally refuse to buy into hating their own bodies, where it counts is the bedroom. There is something so seriously freeing about being able to make whatever noises seem natural to you and feel like a sexual powerhouse while doing it.


They Refuse To Hate The Sex They've Had In The Past

No self-body-shaming, and no self-sex-shaming. Women who refuse to hate their bodies are more likely to also be shamelessly in ownership of their sexual past and sexual knowledge. And trust me, that benefits everyone who has a stake in the quality of the sex these women are having. Plus, practice makes perfect, right?