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14 Things That Only Happen When Two Ravenclaws Are In A Relationship

My husband and I are doomed. It is written in the stars. For I am an overly ambitious, unemotional Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn, I am inhibited and dictatorial. My no-nonsense approach to life is intimidating to my whimsical and capricious Cancer beau, who can be clingy and capricious. But guys. It's OK. Because Astrology is fun, but it's also bullsh*t. (Seriously, you could not describe either of us in terms wronger than the ones I've just described: I'm basically IRL Marianne Dashwood and he's Ned Stark.) You know what's foolproof, though? The Sorting Hat. And the monsieur and I are both solidly Ravenclaws. We're going to be just fine.

Certainly this is my own bias showing here, but I should venture to suggest that you can find no more solid a relationship than one between two Ravenclaws. As strong? Maybe. But stronger? Witch, please. Our lofty pragmatism, independence, and celebration of other people's individuality makes for a wonderful relationship built on respect and a mutual passion for knowledge and ideas. Our natural creativity keeps things interesting. R/R love is built to last.

There are certain things that happen when Ravenclaws fall in love. Magical things. (Because... you know... wizarding school and whatnot.) Here are but a few...

There Are Books Everywhere

Ravenclaws value wit and knowledge above all else, so of course their book collections are vast. Who knows when you'll have to look something up?! What are you going to do if you need to know something and you don't have the book anymore?! And don't you dare say "just Google it" to me. A Ravenclaw's volumes can be extremely esoteric. A Google search is no match for a Ravenclaw's encyclopedic knowledge of their own library. But when you get two Ravenclaws together? It gets crazy. At one point, my husband and I had 10 bookshelves in a small one-bedroom apartment.

Talking About A Movie Will Take Longer Than The Running Time Of Said Movie

Because what's the point of watching something if you're not going to analyze its qualities, detriments, structure, aesthetics, and sound editing? Even (and maybe especially) the bad movies. If you want to see Peak Ravenclaw, go ahead and travel back in time to that time the mister and I discussed Cowboys Vs. Aliens. (But don't travel so far back in time that you have to actually watch that movie.)

When People Say They Don't Talk About Intellectual Topics, You Are Very Confused

You don't talk about politics? Literature? History? Film? Philosophy? What on earth do you talk about?

You Go On Lots Of Arty Dates

Museums, galleries, esoteric foreign films with limited releases, botanical gardens, etc. are all very appealing to you. Because exercising your brains together is romantic AF.

You Frequently Pause TV Shows While Watching Them

Because, like movies, you must discuss what's going on... on a deeper level than a quick comment will allow. A single episode of Breaking Bad could very well take two Ravenclaws all night.

People Have Stopped Inviting You To Game Nights

Because they're tired of trying to compete with you two... also, you guys take it really seriously. If you are still permitted to play with the others, you are required to be on different teams lest one get an unfair advantage.

You Listen To Your Local NPR Station Together

NPR is basically the metaphorical, real-world Ravenclaw house. It's where we all gather. Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich from Radiolab are definitely Ravenclaws.

You Don't Fight — You Debate

Because you're both going to be approaching things from an intellectual, probably pragmatic angle. It's not personal, it's just FACT... and then it gets personal, but in a very frustrated, passive-aggressive way.

Your Household Is A Well-Oiled Machine...Or A Virtual Hurricane

Either you have ingeniously deduced a way to keep your home in perfect working order, through a precise system or schedule...or your creative, Bohemian side has completely taken over and your home is organized chaos. You know where everything is, but everyone else is trying to see if they can get Hoarders to help you clean up your home. (Don't worry, though. There are no dead cats in your home... though there's no small chance there are a couple of live ones happily skulking about.)

You Likely Belong To A Trivia League

It's the perfect bonding outlet for your sharp minds.

If You Have Different Interests, You Respect The Other's Need To Pursue It

Ravenclaws are passionate about their interests and intellectual and creative endeavors. When you're in a relationship with another Ravenclaw, it's comforting to know that the other person is going to really get that. So when you say, "Hey, I need to spend the weekend writing," or, "I need to go up to Boston for a few days for a conference on the history of board games," your partner is like, "You do you, homes. I'll be here if you need me."

You Have A Tendency To Get Competitive With One Another

Ravenclaws like being the smartest people in the room. So when you live with another one and spend a lot of time in the same rooms they do, things might get a little tense. Fortunately, strong Ravenclaw relationships can reason through their baser instincts and delight in the other person's sparkling repartee so much that they can't be jealous.

You Are Jointly Called Upon To Answer Friends' Questions

Because between the two of you, you know everything.

You Accept One Another's Many Quirks

Ravenclaws are a bunch of oddballs who have the gracious, welcoming quality of accepting the weirdness in others. Two of them together are at ease and happy that they're with someone who loves them for exactly who they are.