Here's How To Keep Kids From Losing It When It's Way Too Cold To Go Outside

It looks like this weekend is going to be a doozy for freezing cold temperatures all over the United States. Trips to the park or playing outside are probably not going to be options for most families. This means you're most likely trying to figure out some things to do with kids at home while it's freezing outside — and if you're not, you should be. Because if you don't make a plan ahead of time, before the big chill sets in, your family will end up driving each other bonkers from being bored and stir-crazy. On the other hand, by bringing back some of your favorite classic childhood games and activities, this weekend could be a great time to indulge in some nostalgia. Not only will your kids have a blast, but you'll have an excuse to relive your carefree youth (ever so briefly).

Have fun playing hide and seek like you did before you knew about things like income tax and flooded basements. Try your hand at Connect Four or Operation (you used to be pretty good) or even make some slime. Of course slime is all the rage with kids today, but if you grew up in the '90s, it's a pretty safe bet you already knew what slime was (thanks to Nickelodeon). Make an indoor obstacle course that would make Marc Summers of Double Dare jealous. With all that moving around, you'll stay warm and bond with your family this weekend even with not-so-warm temperatures outside.

With some tried and true faves thrown in there, like baking and reading, plus some modern ideas (such as listening to a family-friendly Podcast), there's something to keep everybody occupied until the outdoors starts to thaw.


Make Slime

This simple slime recipe from "Mommy Poppins" will have your kids giggling in delight in no time. You can also make glow-in-the-dark slime, sparkly slime, and fluffy slime by adding or subtracting certain ingredients. Making it a fun project that could last a while.


Hide And Seek

Who didn't love hide and seek when they were a kid? Bring back this classic game to your family and they'll definitely have fun for hours — and hopefully, you will, too.



Have your own Great British Bake Off in your kitchen and have the kids help you bake cookies or another delicious dessert. They'll enjoy eating their masterpiece as much as they enjoy helping you make them, if not more. However, after eating that sugar, it may be time for the obstacle course idea below to burn off some energy.


Indoor Obstacle Course

Whether it's setting up objects for your kids to weave through, climb under, or jump over, they'll have a blast being allowed to romp in the house. Now if you live in an apartment, that may be another story.


Family-Friendly Story Podcast

Check out "StoryNory," "The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd," or others on this awesome family friendly Podcast list by Scary Mommy.


Build A Fort

If you don't mind messing up the house in the name of fun, grab some sheets and cushions off the couch, and build a fort in your living room or under the dining room table. Your kids will feel like they're camping and can use their imaginations to play out scenarios within the fort.


Simon Says

Simon Says was the bomb back in elementary school gym. I remember how much fun it was to try to be the last one standing because of your superb listening skills. Remember, you have to wait until the leader says Simon Says before jumping up and down, clapping, spinning, etc., or you're out.


Dance Party

Throw on some tunes and have a dance party. You can make it even more fun by playing a dance freeze game where you stop the music randomly and the kids have to "freeze" in whatever position they're in or they're out until the next round.


Card Games

Rummy, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and other kid-friendly card games would be a great way to pass the time and spend some quality family time together.


Indoor Bowling

This easy DIY bowling set idea from "Mommy Poppins" is sure to be a winner in your house this weekend. Fill some water bottles with a bit of water so they don't topple over too easily and set them up in a triangle. Grab a ball, and go to town.


Board Games

Most kids enjoy games, so why not give them the option of the non-video variety and kick it old school with board games. Whether it's classics like checkers, or 90s favorites like Connect Four, Operation, Pop-o-Matic Trouble, or Mouse Trap, board games are the perfect distraction when it's too cold to go outside. Especially for you, if you get to introduce your kid(s) to your old favorites.



Spending the day reading to your kids is a super cozy way to pass the time. Or if you're #blessed to have kids who are not only old enough to read, but enjoy it enough to do it themselves so you can catch up on your reading, getting lost in a good book is a great way to pass the time while the winter is blustery and cold outside.


Sensory Bins

Babies and toddlers love sensory bins (and they're educational to boot). If you can't take your little one to the park this weekend because it feels like it's -40 degrees outside, these these sensory bins from "Mostly Under Control" are pretty easy to put together, and will definitely provide fun and entertainment for the littles.


Egg Carton Crafts

This adorable egg carton flower craft from "I Heart Arts N Crafts" will make it feel like springtime even if it's horribly cold outside. With a little paint and a few pipe cleaners, an egg carton turns into a magical garden.