15 Best Dog Names For Your Quirky Gemini Puppy

Just like when new moms and dads are choosing a baby name, picking the perfect moniker for a new puppy means taking lots of factors into consideration. There's the latest furry family member's personality to consider, for one thing (maybe he's always "Happy," or maybe he shows signs of being a "Scamp" for life). Then there are dog names based on appearance ("Fluffy," "Sandy," "Ginger"). But the stars can be a handy guide, too. Now that it's officially Gemini season, what are the best dog names for Gemini puppies?"

As astrologer Maressa Brown told Romper for a previous article, "If you want to better understand your pup, look no further than their birthdate." In fact, astrologer Matthew Currie told Paw Culture that horoscopes can be an accurate predictor of behavior when it comes to dogs. “Astrology affects everyone and everything one way or another. If anything, astrology works better on dogs than people," Curry said, adding: "Dogs do a worse job of hiding their true selves.”

The potentially confusing thing about Gemini dogs, however, is that they might have more than one "true" self, according to Astrology Weekly: "This split-personality dog is, in essence, an eternal puppy, quickly bored and requiring constant attention," the website explained. "The Gemini Dog will be restless, versatile, exuberant... and many other things as well... all at the same time."

Perhaps you know a Gemini human with similar traits? Still, just because he's a dog of many faces doesn't mean there aren't some consistent Gemini canine traits to help guide you through the name-choosing process. On the plus side, noted Astrology Weekly, Gemini dogs are charming, quick, and smart; on the not-so-plus side, they can be impatient, unpredictable, and difficult to train. At least one thing you never have to worry about is a Gemini dog being boring!

Here are some names that are sure to suit your Gemini puppy, no matter what mood he's in.



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This name is an homage of sorts to your pup's astrological roots: One of the mythological twins the Gemini constellation is named after, according to, Castor was the son of Tyndarus; the King of Sparta (Helen of Troy was his sister). Perfect for a pup that's destined to grow almost as big as a Trojan horse!



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Castor's twin (also according to Pollux actually had a different father: None other than Zeus himself! This meant that Pollux was immortal and Castor was not, but Zeus generous granted Castor immortality, too, so the bros could be together forever.



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Okay, one more constellation-specific name: Ptolemy was the 2nd century astronomer who discovered Gemini (not to mention 47 other constellations). Plus, it's got a certain trendy, hipster vibe... as in, it's only a matter of time before this one starts showing up on human birth certificates, too.



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Also inspired by mythology (this time, of the Norse variety), Loki is the god of mischief, and the typical Gemini is nothing if not mischievous. This name has plenty of pop culture coolness attached to it at the moment, too, thanks to Avengers: Infinity War.


Diggy Azalea

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This puppy name is perfect on two levels: Iggy Azalea happens to be a Gemini IRL (according to; also, restless, feisty Gemini dogs can be counted on to dig up a flower bed or two.


Woof West

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Two more celebrity Gemini name inspo sources: Kanye and North West. (Warning: This could be one high maintenance pooch!)



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While we're on the subject of Kardashians, sort of, this zippy name is fitting for Gemini pups who are always darting and dashing around, trying to keep up with the action.



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Similar in spirit to Dash, this name is ideal for a whip smart, fast as a whip dog (extra points if he's an actual Whippet).



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As detailed by, the planet Mercury rules Gemini... and your fuzzy Mercury will rule your life, too.



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Wednesday is also ruled by Mercury, according to Wednesday is another adorable puppy name with an appealing goth edge (think Wednesday Addams).



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Look, it's not like your Gemini dog is doomed to be a diva... but the sign is known for being a bit of a handful. This is especially appropriate for a Corgi pup (beloved by royalty for generations!).



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Give him a name that reflects his sign's dual nature in a subtle way, without going right ahead and telling everyone your dog sorta has a split personality.



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Gemini is an air sign, according to Astrostyle, so this is a perfectly fun and flighty choice (emphasis on flighty).



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Did you know every zodiac sign has a power color? Gemini's is yellow, as explained, so this name is totally golden.



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Maybe just one more famous Gemini name, because it would be so pretty for a lovely little pup (yes, Angelina Jolie is a Gemini, too, according to