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Here Are 15 Pairs Of Cute, Comfy Maternity Shorts You'll Wear 24/7

Oh the joys of being pregnant in the summer. As if having a human bowling ball wedged against your bladder weren’t hard enough, add in heat and humidity. As your body becomes more and more unrecognizable, the trials of procuring fashionable and comfortable clothing for the hottest months of the year is all the more complex. But here's a secret: All you really need are a few pairs of the best maternity shorts to get you through those sweltering times (and luckily, there are lots out there).

Sure, you could arm yourself with a series of ever-expanding sundresses, but sometimes you want a little more coverage. You know, a garment that won’t expose your undies when you have to bend down to, say, put on your shoes that you can no longer see because of this enormous bump obscuring your view. That’s where maternity shorts come in. When designed well, these life-saving pieces of clothing can cool you down while covering up your bits.

We pulled together a list of arguably cute shorts that have all the things a mama could want — comfortable belly panels, soft fabrics, attractive designs. Essentially, the creme de la creme of short pants, as my grandmother used to call them. And better yet? Quite a few of these must-haves are on sale. Get them while they’re (or should I say you're) hot.

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Skinny Mid-Rise

We highly doubt Levi Strauss could have imagined his classic dungarees would one day come in maternity wear options, but thanks to the good people who run the company today, they do. And these mid-rise skinny shorts are the much lauded result (perfect if short shorts aren't your thing).


Sporty & Stretchy

Are the heels in this image comically tall? Yes, but we're willing to overlook that because these shorts are legit. Rather than opt for the typical maternity jean short or jersey fabric, these more formal shorts look polished while still offering a stretchy waistband that you can fold over or pull up over your belly.


Smocked & Stretchy

A pair of shorts that grows with you? They exist and they're actually attractive. These smocked Hatch shorts have such a stretchy waistband that where you want them to ride is completely up to you.


Pocket Patrol

These Low-rise Casual Elastic Waist shorts are one of Amazon's best sellers with a 59% five-star rating, and one of the reasons is that reviewers say the lack of a large belly band makes these a refreshingly cool option for especially hot summer days.


Classic Denim

The belly band is not for everyone. Sometimes you just want a side panel to help make room for your growing womb. That's why shoppers are big fans of these Citizens of Humanity's Skyler Loose Maternity Shorts. Are they an investment? Yes. But then, who needs a handful of various jean shorts when you can buy just one really great pair?


All Tied Up

Leave it to Swedish chain H&M to find a way to make maternity shorts flattering and fashion-forward, with a denim belt you can tie as a bow that serves as a comfortable belly band. If you need more convincing, the denim-looking fabric is actually made from a Tencil and cotton blend, so they're extra soft and flexible.


A Fun Print

With these linen pants, a five-inch inseam means you won't be showing off too much leg, and the sporty palm tree print keeps things fun. Plus, the belly band on these bad boys is light in color, so you can wear a white top without it showing through.


Boyfriend Shorts

Another Old Navy look, these lightly distressed black shorts have a generous (hidden) elastic waist, so you can be extra comfy while looking way stylish. Plus, the lightly worn vibe will make it seem as if you've had these shorts for ages and didn't just pick them up to fit your expanding belly.


Crisp & Cool

There are tons of options when it comes to denim maternity shorts, but that fabric can be so heavy and hot. That's why these Loft Riviera shorts are a nice alternative. Available in white, grey, and green, you can buy three pairs and be all set for the summer.


What Waistband?

Don't want to deal with elastic or a belly band at all? Then by all means, embrace overalls. Ripe has a spacious pair that could likely get you through your entire pregnancy. With adjustable straps (just like your old OshKosh B'gosh pair), these will have you feeling comfy all day.


Easy Indigo

The brand Rosie Pope is all about delivery fashionable maternity wear to women and these denim shorts are in keeping with that theme. The adjustable elastic waist stretches with you but comes with a decorative faux tie to make them look like regular shorts. You might even wear these post-pregnancy, just saying.


Summer Staple

If you're all about emulating celebrity style, The Bump reports that the UK brand Seraphine is a favorite with the likes of Princess Kate and Jessica Alba. Score the look with these sharp cotton shorts that tuck a breathable bump band hidden above each pocket for a sophisticated tailored look.


A Long Story

Not everyone is all about the short-shorts and we respect that. Sometimes you want a tried and true Bermuda look and Kohl's has got one. This maternity short comes in white, light and dark denim each with a 9 1/2-inch inseam. The cuff is gently rolled and the belly band is long to accommodate every kick.


So, So Soft

Lounging (a.k.a. resting because you're, you know, building a freaking human!) is an essential part of maternity and making yourself as comfortable as possible is a key part of that. Enter ASOS ribbed knit shorts. Looking at these, we can just imagine the glorious naps they'd induce. All the better to build a baby, right?


Under The Bump

These soft twill 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex shorts from ASOS look like the perfect Saturday piece. Easy to dress up with a nice blouse, but stretchy enough to handle a day of household chores, these are all-duty shorts that at less than $30 bucks are a no-brainer.