15 Celebrities That Stole Great Baby Names From Us, Earning Them The Stank Eye For Life

Celebrities are known for a lot of things, but the one that makes us scratch our heads more than anything? Those wacky baby names. I mean, sometimes they get really out there and leave us all wondering WTF. And then there are a few celebrities that steal great baby names from the rest of us common folk.

There are few things more annoying than having a great baby name stolen from you, right? You're pregnant, daydreaming about the perfect name for your little one, when all of a sudden your cousin gives birth and steals the name Jack from you or a co-worker says she loved the name Emma so much, she thought she'd use it, too. When a celebrity does it, however, it's even more maddening. All of a sudden, everyone wants to know if your little Mason is named after Kourtney Kardashian's son or someone meets your daughter Rose and asks, "Isn't that what Scarlett Johansson named her daughter?" I mean, the least celebrities could do is leave our baby names alone, right? They already get to earn lots of money, lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon, and make the headlines for a new haircut, why do they have to take the one thing that's rightfully ours? These 15 celebrities straight up stole some wonderful baby names from us, making it impossible to sign our Silas or Violet up for dance without hearing from someone that they saw those names trending on Twitter and "Wow! You must really like Jessica Biel." Ugh.


Kate Middleton

When the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her daughter earlier this year, everyone loved speculating on the name. Convinced she was going to go with something super royal and traditional, Kate actually settled on Charlotte, which is number ten on the Social Security Administration's most popular baby names of 2014.


Kourtney Kardashian

I knew many Masons when I was a kid, but now if you give your child this moniker, everyone's convinced it's because of the eldest Kardashian. What happened to wacky celebrity baby names, Kourt? Unfair. Mason has now been in the SSA's top five names list since 2011.


Jennifer Garner

Violet was my second choice for a baby girl name, as a way to honor my great-grandmother, but Jennifer Garner ripped that one away pretty quickly. With Violet being born in 2005, Jennifer started her traditional baby name stealing ways by following up with Seraphina and Samuel.


Jennifer Love Hewitt

If you have a great love of literature, then you might've considered Atticus as a name for your little guy. Well, now you'll have to compete with Jennifer Love Hewitt. The Ghost Whisperer star gave birth just this past June, so if you were holding on to the name, sorry about your luck.


Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds not only stole a lovely name, but they bent the gender restrictions, making it extremely unique. James has been a favorite on the baby charts, ranking number nine on the Social Security Administration's list, but it's a classic. Instead of thinking you just loved a solid, traditional name, everyone will think you're copying our favorite power couple.


Tina Fey

Funny lady Tina Fey gave birth to daughter Alice in 2005 and stole the name I had been saving since I was twelve. I'll never forgive her. (I'm lying. Maybe our Alices can be BFFs.)


Miranda Kerr

A sweet, unique name, Flynn has been making its way through the daycare circles and model Miranda Kerr was apparently paying attention.


Melissa Joan Hart

Tucker is one of my favorites — rustic, quaint, and sweet, I think it's the perfect name for a little boy. Since 2011, it's been in the top 200 and Melissa Joan Hart gave birth to her own Tucker in 2012.


Hilary Duff

If Lucas is too popular for you, you might've considered the name Luca instead. It's just darling and Hilary Duff straight up stole it when she had her little boy in 2012. In the years before that, the name was already in the top 300 for the country, but hit 185 in 2014.


Benedict Cumberbatch

Everyone's favorite Sherlock may have a unique name and out-of-this-world good looks, but he picked a classic favorite for his baby. From 1972 to 1998, Christopher was in the top five baby boy names, and you were considered a total weirdo if you didn't know at least one. Benedict apparently just couldn't take the celebrity route and pick some name like Inspektor. No, he had to infringe on our popular choices. (But I forgive him because, well, it's Benedict.)


Jessica Biel

I used to think Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake could do no wrong until they named their son Silas. The name was just starting to get popular, hitting 116 in 2013, when the star couple bestowed their boy with the sweet name. Great. Now everyone will think you're trying to relive some 7th Heaven / *NSYNC love with your own kid.


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson, did you not have enough going for you already? Was it really necessary to steal one of my favorite baby girl names? Scarlett gave birth back in September 2014 to a beautiful baby girl and named her Rose, one of the sweetest, prettiest names there is. It's vintage, it's spunky, and I'm furious that Scarlett had to steal it.


Christina Aguilera

Since 2000, Summer has been in the top 200 list for baby names, so I won't believe Christina Aguilera if she says she didn't steal it. It's incredibly popular and a fun name for a little girl, especially the one of a powerhouse like Aguilera. 


Drew Barrymore

You guys, how cute is the name Frankie? Adorable, right? Well how cute is it now that Drew Barrymore stole it? OK, it's still perfect. Drew used the name for a little girl, but it's gender neutral and just too perfect. With plenty of old school charm, it's one I guess I won't mind sharing.


Emily Blunt

Yes, Julia Roberts used the name Hazel first, but Emily Blunt's recent crime of name-stealing puts the name even higher on the map. The actress gave birth to her daughter in 2014, but the name was already breaking into the top 200 in 2012. 

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