15 Clever Ways To Dress Your Baby Bump For Halloween

When Halloween is within the two-month mark, I'm ready to start thinking about my costume for the year. With a pregnant belly though, it may seem like you're at a disadvantage, but actually, there are quite a few clever ways to dress your baby bump for Halloween. I promise, they don't all involve a bunch of orange paint to turn you into a Jack O' Lantern.

Even as a mom-to-be, you can still have a spooky, fun Halloween. Although some might want to go the cutesy, sweet route for a costume, others may want to get a bit more gruesome. Just like any other Halloween, it's all up to you. But this year, you can utilize your pregnant belly to embrace clever costume ideas in a way you can't normally and a lot of them, surprisingly, don't take much effort, which is definitely a bonus during pregnancy.

If you need a little inspiration deciding on some clever and creative maternity costume ideas this holiday, plenty of spooky, crazy, or fun routes are available. Take a look here for some clever ways to dress up your baby bump this Halloween, and don't forget to get plenty of photos to show your little one down the road.


Spooky Paintings

From creepy Halloween characters to cutesy animal faces, a simple and fun way to get clever with your baby bump is to paint it. Washable body paint is a good option to get started, and you can often find it at any major big-box store or order it from Amazon.


Avocado Pit

Because avocado is my absolute favorite, I may be totally biased to this costume. Celebrating Halloween as an avocado is adorable, and creating the costume DIY-style would take very little prep. Find a cardboard box, measure holes for your belly and face, cut it out, paint it, and voila.


Green Eggs & Ham

Your baby bump is the perfect way to rock an egg-and-yolk look, too. Even if you don't want to do green eggs and ham, you can dress up solo as an egg sunny side up.


Bun In The Oven

This October, you can even partake in one of the most common pregnancy metaphors with a literal "bun in the oven" costume. It's also fun to get your partner involved as the chef for a duo costume idea.



Courtesy of Ali Wilson

You may have seen the Prego pasta sauce pregnancy announcement idea, but this idea can also double as a cute and comfortable Halloween costume. Utilize fabric paint or sew on elements to a T-shirt to make this idea come to life.


Jack O' Lantern

Svyatoslav Lypynskyy/Fotolia

Mirror your belly off an idea or photo of your favorite Jack O' Lantern design. Although this may seem like a mainstream maternity costume idea, you can make it a little more unique by going with a less traditional Jack O' Lantern look, like a cat, "boo," or a witch.


Kick Or Treat

Courtesy of Courtney Morgan Shaw & Sarah Buescher

"Kick or Treat" is another clever yet comfy T-shirt design for your Halloween costume, especially if you want to dress up for work or an event without going all out. This is still a playful and festive way to use your baby bump.



If you or your partner have a favorite sport (or team), you can make your belly look like just about any ball. From football and soccer to baseball and basketball, or even sports like golf and tennis, you can really have a lot of fun with this idea.


Baby Skeleton

Take on one of the most popular associations with Halloween and turn a skeleton theme into a fun costume with an "X-ray" shirt. If you're feeling extra creative, you can even paint a baby skeleton onto your belly instead.


Rock The Solar System

Rebekah Barzee

Ever heard the joke about feeling so pregnant you could have your own gravitational pull? Well, you can create a costume to reflect that by making your belly the sun and hanging planets from your arms that orbit around it. It's a pretty awesome and clever way to geek out this Halloween.


Kool-Aid Man

"Oh yeah!" This Kool-Aid Man costume is a hilarious way to highlight your baby bump this Halloween. You can get creative with a red sleeveless dress and a white long-sleeve shirt underneath or you can just deck out in red. Simply draw the design on your material with black fabric marker or grab black felt sticker sheets to cut out and stick to your clothes.


Death Star

If you're a big Star Wars fan, the Death Star is the way to go this October. You can find a shirt, make one, or even paint the Death Star onto your baby bump. But whichever you choose, the force will be with you.


Disney Princesses

This is an extremely clever Halloween costume idea if you have anywhere from a couple friends to an entire group of friends who happen to be expecting. Pick your favorite Disney princess, find the right color dress, and accessorize to compliment your pregnant princess character. This could also be a two-birds-with-one-stone scenario if you want to do a pregnancy photoshoot to accompany these fun costumes.


Gumball Machine

Dressing up the bump as a gumball machine is an adorable comfy costume that also looks super creative and fun. Find a red shirt and black or grey pants (yes, yoga pants work!) and hot glue pom poms to your shirt. You can also draw a money slot onto a piece of paper and connect it to the bottom of your shirt.



In general, finding a shirt with a catchy saying is a great way to stay comfortable and laid back for Halloween while still highlighting your bump. This watermelon shirt from byDesine on Etsy is $18, but there are lots of cute and clever sayings you can utilize this October.

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