15 Insta Captions For Those Precious Pics Of Baby's 1st Steps

Capturing your baby's first steps is a huge milestone, and those early attempts at walking deserve some serious praise. That's why these cute Insta captions for pics of babies walking are so wonderful to have on hand. You'll know exactly what to say when your little one steps out into the world (and social media) for the first time.

Although babies learn to walk at their own pace, there are some general timelines for mastering this skill. Many babies can take some wobbly steps independently when they're about a year old, according to Baby Center. In the meantime, you can help encourage your baby to walk by asking them to reach for things, or walking beside you while holding hands. Just remember that once your baby is comfortable with walking, you're playing a whole new ball game, so to speak. In other words, it's a good time to review a baby-proofing checklist, because your little one is about to get into everything.

Whenever your baby starts to toddle, you'll probably record those moments to share with friends and family all over social media. Here are some caption ideas to pair with those amazing steps. After all, it's a huge step for the baby and parents.

"Outta my way!"

This is an ideal caption for the kid who doesn't let obstacles slow their roll. Toys, siblings, and furniture all need to make way for the walking baby. They're basically a baby bulldozer, and that's OK.

"And just like that, we have a toddler"

Milestones can be a bit bittersweet. Of course you're beyond proud of your child. But it's weird to realize your infant is on the fast track to toddler-hood.

"Just put one foot in front of the other"

Sure, it sounds like easy advice. But tell that to a baby who's working on this coordination for the first time. It can take a lot of concentration.

"That's one small step for baby"

Sure, the first steps themselves may be pretty small (and unsteady). But you know that it will only be a matter of time before your kid is running circles around you. Those baby steps signify what's coming up.

"And now the real fun starts"

You probably had at least one friend or relative who commented, "Just wait until they're walking!" at every opportunity. Well, that time is now. Tag them in the video of your kid's early steps.

"Watch your step"

This is perfect for the times when your kid puts a lot of thought into placing one foot in front of the other. Hey, it does take a lot of balance and muscle coordination.

"Baby steps still get you there"

Well, it's true. Even those little uncertain steps can carry your baby all over the house.

"Going the distance"

Granted, your little one isn't actually covering a whole lot of distance at the moment. Still, it's kind of shocking the first time they walk across a room on their own.

"I like to move it, move it"

Sometimes those early steps look more like made-up dance moves. Whatever it looks like, your baby is all about being on the move.

"It's go time"

Because once your baby is walking more confidently, it's always go time. At least, that's how it feels for the adults who have to chase that baby. How do they get so fast, anyway?

"Later, dude"

If your baby suddenly zooms off on their own two feet, this is a great caption. You can almost see the light bulb go off when they realize, "I can make myself move."

"Practice makes perfect"

Like any skill, walking takes a fair bit of practice. So this is a perfect caption for the early steps that are still a bit uncertain and wobbly. Your kid will catch on in no time.

"Walking is easy... stopping is a whole other thing"

Putting on the brakes is a totally different skill set. For many babies, the easiest way to stop walking is to simply fall over. There's probably going to be more than a few face-plants along the way, but it's just part of the process.

"This changes everything"

Sure, there are plenty of other milestones for babies in the first year of life. But there's just something so major about walking. Suddenly it's easier to imagine your tiny baby as an active little kid.

"Always on the move"

Once your kid starts getting the hang of the whole walking business, they aren't likely to stop any time soon. They just go. So this is a great caption for any video or pic of your very busy, very mobile toddler.