15 Cute Nursing Tops You'd Want To Buy Even If You Weren't Breastfeeding

After months of maternity clothes, most new moms really start missing their "normal" wardrobe. In fact, wearing non-pregnant outfits is probably one of the things at the very top of your "stuff I can't wait to do once I finally have this baby" list. Alas, no matter how quickly you "bounce back," some of your pre-pregnancy clothes just won't work with a new baby — like anything that wrinkles easily or doesn't provide convenient access for breastfeeding. Still, you're done with feeling frumpy. So what are some cute nursing tops you'd want to buy even if you weren't breastfeeding?

The good news is, nursing fashion has come a long, long way in recent years. Even when my oldest was born (she's now 17), tops designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers weren't just hard to find, they weren't the kind of thing you'd ever consider wearing if you didn't have a hungry infant to consider: Boxy and obvious, they might have made it easier to pull out a boob, but they certainly weren't... cute. For that reason, I didn't even buy much in the way of nursing clothes back then. If I wasn't wearing a button-down, I just pulled up whatever shirt I was wearing and, if I was in public, tried to use my sling to cover up my exposed stomach area. (It never really worked.)

Thankfully, since then, designers realized that breastfeeding moms like to look cute, too... and now there's an abundance of adorable nursing tops you'll want to keep on wearing even after your little one is weaned.