Three jack russell terrier dogs are enjoying swimming in a dog pool. They are playing fetching.

Just Stop Everything & Watch These 15 Cutest Videos Of Happy Dogs Swimming

When the dog days of summer have you heading indoors to beat the heat, it's the perfect time to grab an ice-cold glass of lemonade and fall into a YouTube wormhole of dog videos like a reasonable adult. If you're a dog person like me, it doesn't take much for a puppy to make you smile. Even better, since it's so hot, these cute videos of dogs swimming will give you life. Because apparently these water-loving pooches — with their pool parties and vacations in Malta — lead more exciting and adventurous lives than some of us humans do. (And by some of us, I mean me.)

Something about watching dogs do the doggy paddle is seriously too cute for words. When the camera pans to the short legs on a toy dog just slicing happily through the water, my heart wants to burst into confetti. The way dogs wear their excitement from snout to tail is enough to cheer you up even in your worst moods. And these fur babies do it all: paddle, dive, splash, and wiggle themselves into a good time in the water. Is there anything more pure than a happy, sopping wet dog? (Spoiler alert: No, there isn't).


Two Handsome Huskies

Just look at the gorgeous eyes on Luke and Hugo, possibly the prettiest huskies to ever hop in a pool.


Living Their Life Like It's Golden

These five-week-old English cream golden retriever puppies are so adorable I literally squealed watching them dip their tiny paws in the water for the first time.


Fluffy Corgis Feeling The Waves

What's better than one Corgi doggy paddling with stubby little legs? Try 12 of them. I. Can't. Even.


Such A Good Little Chihuahua

Look out, canine Michael Phelps: I think these disciplined little chihuahuas swimming perfect laps might have a chance in the cute dog Olympics.


A Dog Pool Party With "Girlfriends"

It is ridiculously entertaining to follow this golden retriever on his journey from home to meet his gal pals for a splash. Is it possible to be jealous of a dog?


Furball Puppy Learns to Swim

Because not all dogs know how to swim or even like swimming, it might tug at your heartstrings to see this playful puppy learn how to swim with his girl.


Chilling At The Tiny Dog Pool

To file under "dogs are human, too," watch for the hilarious moment each dog touches the water and tries to escape when they realize it's cold AF.


Having A Ball At The Park

Adorable Dexter the Yorkie is a pro in the water, swimming and looking like a doggy David Beckham with his soccer handles.


Happy Havanese Gets Her Laps In

I love a happy ending: this pooch took some canine swimming lessons after a scary tumble into the pool, and now swims like she was born to it. That curly wagging tail is the sweetest.


Swimming In The Deep Blue Sea

It's a fun beach day in the North Sea for this cutie pie and his human, who he beats by a nose (in the air) in a breathless swimming contest.


Daddy Doing Work

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload when this puppy dad leads his rambunctious litter into the pond for dip.


Sammie And Earl Conquer The World

Sammie and his faithful sidekick Earl show that a doggy's swim is always more fun with a friend.


Rex The Fearless

This fun-loving boxer likes to fling himself into the water and dive for toys like a good boy, yes he does.


A Dog Braver Than Most Humans

I promise you Titti the Jack Russell will give you FOMO when you see him diving into the water off cliffs in Malta with his owner.


Old Ollie, New Tricks

Ollie is an older dog learning to swim and will totally steal your heart with his big, floppy paws as he splashes in the pool.