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15 Different Types Of Orgasms You Can Have, Because Your Body Is Amazing

Skim through a magazine or scroll through a website, and they are brimming with tips to having an orgasm. Every article guarantees that a certain position will make you cum, or that there's some untouched part of your body that will bring you to orgasm. But with so many different types of orgasms, how does anyone know for sure what will work for someone else?

Well let's be honest — they don't. What works to help one woman climax may be nothing but a frustration to another woman. Orgasms are not a "one size fits all" kind of deal. And describing how you achieve an orgasm to another person may sound like gibberish to them. Our bodies are all different and there's no way to prove that we all experience the same sensations in the same way.That's why it's incredible to me that there are 15 different types of orgasms, and we may only ever get to experience one.

Even if some of the orgasms on this list sound totally far-fetched to you, here's what you have to remember — everyone's body is capable of experiencing these orgasms. Just because you don't doesn't mean your body has failed. It simply means that the same sensation that gets off one group of women may not do anything for another. But whether you're eager to see what type of orgasm you may have experienced before or you just want a night in with your partner to try a few out (I mean, don't do all 15 in one night, OK? I'm not a doctor, but that sounds rough), this list of 15 different orgasms will definitely make you realize just how incredible your body is.


Clitoral Orgasms

The most popular orgasm, and a favorite for most women, is the clitoral orgasm. Stimulating the clitoris is often the only way some women can cum, whether it's from oral sex, grinding against a partner's pelvis, manual stimulation, or using a toy. Certain positions are better than others for a clitoral orgasm, and it can take a lot of stimulating and different techniques to happen, but it's perfect when it does.


Anal Orgasms

Yup. Believe it or not, women can definitely cum from anal stimulation, according to Cosmopolitan. It's an extremely sensitive area, and there's a lot of sensation which can cause a woman to orgasm.


Vaginal Orgasms

These are harder to achieve than the porn producers would like you to believe, and some women never actually have one. But if you're really hoping to have a vaginal orgasm, Cosmopolitan notes that you need to find your G-spot and stimulate it. Simple thrusting won't do, you'll really have to find that particular spot for the sensations.


Energy Orgasms

Your genitals are already stimulated by your brain for the most part. You think of your partner going down on you and boom, you're horny. So when it comes to an energy orgasm, Good In Bed notes that you're basically using that type of brain power to make yourself cum without ever touching yourself. Sounds hokey, but it can be done, and is a great exercise in pleasuring yourself and feeling like a total goddess.


Sleep Orgasms

Those wet dreams you've had are more than just your subconscious being horny; you might actually be having an orgasm. According to Cosmopolitan, your genitals are often engorged during REM, as if you're aroused, and all of that increased blood flow can cause you to orgasm in your sleep. Trust me, it happens, and it's an excellent way to wake up. (Or wake up your partner laying next to you.)


Nipple Orgasms

Have your partner spend a little more time stimulating your breasts during foreplay because a nipple orgasm is totally real. In one study, 29 percent of women claimed to have orgasmed from nipple stimulation alone, which makes sense considering your brain views nipple stimulation the same way it views clitoral stimulation.


Kissing Orgasms

Yep, when you're passionately kissing your partner, you just may be able to cum. Apparently your mouth is a mirror image of your genitals, so when certain areas are stimulated, it can give you the same sensation as a clitoral or vaginal orgasm.


Labor Orgasm

Childbirth may be a lot of things, but is it orgasmic? Apparently sometimes! ABC News acknowledges that a labor orgasm can happen naturally while giving birth and it makes sense. A baby being pushed through your vagina gives you some of the same sensations as your vagina being penetrated by something.


Cervical Orgasm

Your cervix and sex don't seem like a very good match, but if you're into incredibly deep penetration, Cosmopolitan notes that you may be able to experience a cervical orgasm. It's not easy and can actually feel painful at first, but apparently the orgasm can be incredibly intense and last for hours.


Urethra Orgasm

Remember that Orange is the New Black episode where Sophia had to explain to all of the ladies of Litchfield that there is indeed more than just two holes down there? Well that third one, your urethra, may be primarily for urinating, but according to Intimate Medicine, your urethra can also be stimulated to achieve orgasm. Of course, it's a super sensitive area and very prone to bacteria, so it's more about friction and a little pressure. But if you're looking to achieve all sorts of orgasms, it's worth trying.



Need some motivation to do those ab exercises? By performing certain moves, some women have reportedly experienced an orgasm. Known as a "coregasm" (for the core tightening moves), there's really not much of an explanation as to why it happens other than experts believing it could be from the build up of tension and tightening of pelvic muscles according to Women's Health. But hey, if you can get those abs and cum, why not?


Combination Orgasm

Sounds fairly simple, but when you experience one, it's a sensation unlike any other. The name is pretty straightforward; a combination orgasm is when you experience two different types of orgasms at the same time. Clitoral and vaginal, for example. Or nipple and anal. By peaking and climaxing at the same time from two different orgasms, you can make your pleasure last even longer and be more intense.


Skin Orgasm

You know when you feel "chills" through your skin? Apparently you can consider those a skin orgasm. Also known as frissons, BBC points out these are commonly caused by non-sexual pleasures, such as music, when a surge of dopamine kicks in and combines euphoria with the goosebumps on your skin.


Extended Orgasm

According to Cosmopolitan, extended orgasm is common for the tantric sex enthusiasts, but it can happen to anyone. It's when the buildup and sensations of an orgasm are extended for a significant period of time. Maybe foreplay is getting really hot or you were just able to work yourself up before the big O. Either way, an extended orgasm is totally mind blowing and can make you feel like a goddess afterwards.


Fake Orgasm

Let's be real, this is probably at least the third most common orgasm you've ever experienced. And that's OK, because it got you to sleep just as fast as a classic orgasm.