15 Elf On The Shelf Printable Letters From Santa

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Christmas is a magical time for kids, and it's even more magical if there's an Elf on the Shelf giving them an in with Santa. Luckily, there are lots of Elf on the Shelf printable letters from Santa that you can download to help make the elf experience extra special for your kiddos. The elves do magical surveillance on the little ones in your house, heading back to the North Pole every night to report on your kids' behavior (because not even Santa can singlehandedly monitor the naughty and nice lists). That means it makes perfect sense for the elf to deliver a special, personalized note from the man himself, but if that sounds like a lot of work, these printable letters will make your job incredibly simple.

A printable letter has a big advantage: even if you forget about it until the last minute, it just takes a couple of minutes to choose one and print. There are lots of different options for what you want the letter to say. You can pick a pre-written message, or choose a template that you can edit yourself. There are letters that warn kids that they're in danger of ending up on the naughty list, or give them major kudos for securing a spot on the nice list. My personal favorite is a super tiny letter that's easy for the elf to carry — super thoughtful of Santa to use such small stationery.

Here are 15 letters from Santa that your elf can deliver:


Naughty List Letter

Hopefully you won't need to send this one, but a sternly worded letter from Santa should be a big help in correcting any naughty behavior reported by your elf.


Elf-Delivered Letter

After your Elf on the Shelf delivers your kid's letter to Santa, they can return from the North Pole with this acknowledgement that they received the note in hand.


Striped Stationery

It may be written on Santa's personal stationery, but this letter is fully editable, so you can tweak it to say exactly what you want. (Printable file only)


Letter & Envelope

This letter comes with a matching envelope template to prove it was magically delivered from the North Pole. (Printable file only)


Hello & Goodbye Letters

This set of letters from Santa will welcome an Elf on the Shelf into your home, and leave behind a sweet message when it's time to head back to the North Pole.


Elf-Sized Letters

At about 2 x 3 inches, these little letters from Santa are the perfect size for an elf to carry back from the North Pole to your home. Heads up, this is just a print for the stationery and envelope to write your own letter "from Santa," so give yourself an extra minute or two to jot down a sweet or scolding note.


Santa's Letterhead

This printable bundle comes with a letter from Santa, a 'Nice List' certificate, and a cute matching envelope.


Santa's Seal

This letterhead comes with Santa's seal in the bottom corner to make it look extra North Pole official.


Thank You Letter

This printable comes with two different versions of the Santa letter. One mentions the Elf on the Shelf, but the other works for families who aren't under elf surveillance this year. It also includes a thank you template for Santa to leave behind after he eats his cookies.


Stationery Set

This 16-piece stationery set includes everything you need to print up letters to and from Santa and your elf, as well as an adoption certificate, elf reports, and official statements from the North Pole.


Elf Report Card

Your kids can know exactly where they stand with the big guy when they receive this printable report card from their scout elf certified by Santa.


Nice List Approval

When you're certain your child has made the nice list for the year, print out this customizable nice list letter to give them and watch their eyes absolutely light up.


Thanks For The Cookies

Print this adorable letter from Santa out for your kids to find on Christmas morning so that they can get a thank you letter from Santa and know that their elf really was looking out all December long.


Traditional Letter

Your elf can deliver this traditional letter from Santa featuring the iconic image of Santa toting his big red bag full of toys.


Approved By The Elves

This letter from Santa will prep your kids for a December filled with kindness and their best behavior. Plus, it's stamped with an elf seal of approval, so your kids will believe that it's legit.