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27 Cute Elf On The Shelf Printable Props That'll Make Life A Breeze

And really make your elf stand out.

by Kristina Johnson and Jennifer Parris
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Elf on the Shelf has been around since 2004, but it seems to get more popular every year — the ability to share hilarious photos of your elf's exploits on social media once you introduce them to your children is one driving factor in that. Whether you have kids or not, it's hard not to be amused by the many ways parents set up their elves every night in sweet and silly situations, and turns out there are tons of Elf on the Shelf printable props to help bring those scenes to life.

On the one hand, committing to participate in the Elf on the Shelf tradition a pretty big commitment. On the other hand, though, fun (and mostly free) Elf on the Shelf printables make it a lot easier to put together elaborate scenes. Your elf can pack its bag for a relaxing vacation, start up a side hustle to sell lemonade, or even read a teeny tiny book to fellow toys. You name it, and your elf can probably do it (with a little help from you and your printer, of course).

What to consider before shopping for and downloading Elf on the Shelf printable props

Before you turn your printer on and start pumping out those printables, there are some things to consider. For starters, ink. Do you have enough of it, because even though the props aren’t big, most are in color and will consume a large quantity of ink. So if your printer is an ink guzzler, make sure you have enough to print what you need. Also, while some Elf on the Shelf printable props can be printed on plain paper, others might look spiffier on photo paper. And if you’re doing any kind of construction (i.e., a lemonade or ice cream stand), you might be better off using card stock, which will be sturdier and hold up better if your child wants to play with the prop.

Here are dozens of adorable printable props for your elf's nightly adventures.


Elf on the Shelf Floor is Lava printable prop

You play the game with your child, and you might even watch the show on Netflix, too. Now, it’s time to get your elf in on the action. All you’ll need for this printable prop is to download the free image, grab your elf and tape them to the wall, and position the prop next to them. It’s a guarantee that your kids will want to play a round or two, too.


Elf on the Shelf ice cream stand printable prop

We all scream for ice cream, but your kid might let out a laugh instead when they spy their Elf selling a delicious dessert. The Elf on the Shelf printable prop, from Etsy seller SonoranPrintsDesign, is easy as far as DIY goes: just print out the prop on card stock, fold on either side, and voila, your Elf is ready to start selling. Best part: according to the sign, your Elf has a BOGO deal going on, which is pretty sweet, indeed.


Elf on the Shelf Would You Rather printable prop

Would you rather have year-round winter, or year-round summer? Would you rather celebrate Halloween or Christmas? These are big questions, and there’s no one better than your elf to ask them. Snag this free printable from Parties Made Personal and print it out on plain printer paper. You can place your elf next to it, or even put it on the table to encourage some lively debate as you eat dinner together.


Elf on the Shelf dunk tank printable prop

This Elf on the Shelf dunk tank printable prop is an absolute slam dunk. It does require some building once you’ve printed it, and it should definitely be constructed from sturdy card stock so that the tank doesn’t tumble over. While there’s a seat in the tank, you might need to prop up your elf so that your child can see them — and pretend to throw a snowball to knock them down, too.


Elf on the Shelf Elf jail printable prop

When your Elf has been behaving naughty, there’s only one place for them to go — to jail. But you can make it candy cane cutesy with this sweet (and free) printable. Simply slide your elf into the prop once you’ve printed it, where they’ll stay until your child bails them out. You can think of a funny offense to charge your elf with, like serving up “lemonade” that might be (ahem) another kind of yellow liquid.


Elf on the Shelf kissing booth printable prop

Your elf is feeling very festive (and loveable) this time of the year. See how sweet they are by getting this cute Kissing Booth. You can print this prop on construction paper so that it stands up, and then cut and assemble it so that your elf can wait patiently inside. Add some Hershey Kisses to complete the scene.


Elf on the Shelf shopping bag printable prop

Even though your elf loves their signature red suit, that doesn’t mean that they’re not a fashion maven. That’s why you can print out these cute shopping bags from the Glamorous Project. From the looks of things, your elf loves shopping at Nordstrom, H&M, and even enjoys a Target run, too.


Elf on the Shelf photo shoot backdrops

Olaf isn’t the only one who likes warm hugs. Your elf will have a blast posing with this fun photo booth prop from Over the Big Moon. They can pretend to be Sven dreaming of carrots, Kristoff questioning who smells better, (people or reindeer), or Anna asking the ever-important question: “Do you want to build a snowman?”. At the end of the day, your elf will realize, like Elsa, the cold never bothered them anyway.


Elf on the Shelf Twister printable prop

Left foot blue. Right hand red. It’s easy to get tied up in knots when you’re playing Twister, and now your elf has a turn, too, thanks to this cute printable. It comes with a board and a real DIY spinner. This requires a little crafting on your part, and if you want the prop to really work, it’s advisable to print it on paper that can be played with. Add a doll or action figure so that your elf isn’t playing alone. Your kids will love seeing all the crazy positions your elf has to get into in order to win the game.


Elf on the Shelf A Christmas Story printable prop

Your Elf on the Shelf loves Christmas movies. And if their favorite is A Christmas Story, now they can become a part of the movie with this printable. It allows them to become a part of the Fragile box, which The Old Man calls “Frah-jeel-lay.” Even your elf knows that it’s a major award!


Elf on the Shelf scavenger hunt list

The days leading up to the holidays can feel like forever for a kid. So print out this Christmas scavenger hunt list, which includes items such as a gingerbread house, an angel, wreath, green lights, and anything else you can think of that would be something that your kiddo could find on or before Christmas.


Elf on the Shelf superhero costume printable prop

Whichever super hero your kid loves, this printable elf costume set probably includes them. It has lots of different Marvel heroes like Captain America and the Hulk, plus Wonder Woman, Batman, and many more.


Elf on the Shelf behavior reports

It might look like your elf isn’t really doing anything, they’re actually very busy observing all of your child’s shenanigans — the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s why this Elf on the Shelf printable behavior report from Crystal and Comp can help your elf stay on top of their paperwork. There are sections that your elf can complete on times when they caught you being good, which can encourage your kiddo to be on their bestest behavior… even if they have a bratty younger sibling.


Elf on the Shelf printable joke cards

Your Elf on the Shelf isn’t just all work. Oh no, they like to play, too. And since they can often be found playing practical jokes (like putting plastic wrap on toilets, for example), it should come as no surprise that your elf loves a good joke, too. They’ll especially love these printable joke cards from Over the Big Moon. You can print out a bunch of them and put one a day in your child’s lunchbox so they have something to laugh at while they’re munching on their mac n’ cheese.


Elf on the Shelf baking printable prop

An elf's gotta eat. Santa's little helpers can whip up some elf cookies in this super cute printable oven from Mom Envy.


Elf on the Shelf photo booth printable prop

The printable elf photo booth from This Mama Loves is adorable enough on its own, but the elf photo strip it comes with takes it to a whole other level of cute.


Elf on the Shelf Instagram printable prop

When your elf is just feeling his look, he can snap a selfie for all his followers with this printable Instagram frame from A Little Moore Blog.


Elf on the Shelf luggage printable prop

If your family is traveling around the holidays, your elf obviously has to go along. He or she can pack up their elf gear in these adorably tiny printable elf suitcases from DIY Inspired.


Elf on the Shelf mini book printable prop

What better way for your elf to introduce himself to the rest of the toys than by reading his origin story? This printable mini book version from Teensy Weensy Baby is the perfect size for elf hands.


Elf on the Shelf mini envelopes printable prop

Your elf can keep up with all his pals back at the North Pole with these little printable envelopes from Red Ted Art. There's also an easy tutorial for a matching mailbox made from a matchstick box.


Elf on the Shelf magic dust printable prop

If your kid accidentally (or, "accidentally") touches the elf, they may be worried about how they'll get its magic back. You can give your elf another dose of magic with this printable elf dust label from Mama Cheaps. Attach it a bag of glitter and it should bring your elf's powers back.


Elf on the Shelf ugly sweater printable prop

Your kids can help your elf design the ugliest ugly sweater with this printable template from Spot of Tea Designs.


Elf on the Shelf photo cutouts printable prop

Your kid will get a kick out of seeing their elf disguised as Santa or a snowman as they strike a pose in these printable cutouts from Pretty My Party.


Elf on the Shelf lemonade stand printable prop

This elf is working a little overtime with an adorable printable lemonade stand by Inspiration Made Simple. It even comes with tiny North Pole dollars with Santa's face on them.


Elf on the Shelf popcorn stand printable prop

Start streaming your family's favorite holiday classic on Netflix, pop some corn, and have a Christmas-themed screening party with these cute Popcorn Kart printable.


Elf on the Shelf treat stand printable prop

Especially perfect if you want to include the residents of Barbie's Dreamhouse (as pictured), this Sweet Treats Stand Cart looks like a lovely place to have a teeny tiny cup of hot cocoa (or a regular-sized one).


Elf on the Shelf camp scout elf printable prop

Even though your Elf on the Shelf likes to stay indoors to watch your child and ensure that they’re not being naughty, they do enjoy being in the Great Outdoors as well. This Camp Scout Elf printable means that your kiddo can take their elf outside for fun adventures. The printable basically is the tent for your elf, and then with some tape, twigs, and mini marshmallows, your kiddo can complete the scene.

Restock the ink cartridges and sharpen your scissors — you’re in for a season of easy crafting with these Elf on the Shelf printables.

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