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These 15 Football Husband Memes Are So Hilariously Accurate It Hurts

Many women have to deal with their football-obsessed husband during this time of year and it can be a lot at times. There are a plethora of football husband memes that you'll definitely be able to relate to once the T.V. is turned on and the cheering begins. Football season tests more than just your patience as you now have no choice but to deal with your loved one’s main source of entertainment for the next few months. Dealing with his football obsession should be considered a sport in and of itself.

While you’re planning out your favorite fall festivities this year, you’re going to have to add "dealing with a football-obsessed husband" to the list. If you want to look on the bright side, take these upcoming Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays as windows of opportunity for you to indulge in what you love to do. If he’s too busy watching men run around in tights all day, use that time to do things he doesn't typically like to do, like going on a pamper date with your besties. Whether you’re trying to understand the sport your partner is ever-so passionate about or just trying to avoid the screaming and hand flailing altogether, here are relatable memes you'll only understand if your partner seems to love football more than you do — for now, that is.


When You've Been With The Kids ALL Day

For some reason there's this idea that watching a football game overrides any parental responsibility. Watching the kids is a full-time job without any paid lunch breaks so a football game can wait until the kids are ready for bed. Mommy-time is essential, especially after cleaning glitter off the floor or untangling a brush from your toddler's hair.


When He Finally Agrees To Watch The Kids

“Sure, honey. I’ll watch the kids” is probably the most comedic sentence you will hear these upcoming Sundays if your husband actually agrees to do so. His version of babysitting will most likely look as if he's this cat.


What Every Sunday Is Going To Look Like

"Hey, Karen. What are you and Michael up to today?" The world does not revolve around football. While you and I may know this, your husband may not. Do not be ashamed to out him for sitting on the couch and not interacting with the rest of the world this season.


See You Never

Football games do not constitute a change in your relationship. If you're hit with this card, be sure to remind him that's not how it works around here.


When You Find Yourself Actually Watching The Game

You somehow got sucked into watching the game. If you thought your feelings toward the sport would change, you could not be more wrong. This is probably how you feel when this situation presents itself.


When He Starts Explaining Things

You are in a little too deep here and just want the game to be over. At this point, terms such as "field goal" or "pick six" make absolutely no sense and you are just trying to be a team player.


It's Happening Again

If you’re trying to be the “understanding” and “cool” wife this season, game days will probably look a lot like this. It’s okay, you don’t actually have to sit through the entire four quarters.


When Watching The Game Just Isn't Enough

As if the real games weren't enough, football video games exist and it's definitely the last thing he needed. Once game day is over, you're going to find yourself subject to more whistle-blowing, touchdowns, and fouls powered by his gaming console.


Not-So Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football allows your husband to create his own team with his dream players who play games on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. He will constantly be checking his phone to see how his team is doing against his friends who also feed into this unnecessary form of entertainment.


How Every Football Husband Is

This meme in particular resonates with those of us who have husbands who are way too invested in the game. We simply do not care and are not going to start any time soon.


Your Living Room Has Been Compensated

His friends have arrived to your house and invaded the living room. They're probably getting rowdy and passionately screaming at the television. During this moment you start to question what's worse: the sport or the fans.


Another Failed Attempt

After much deliberation, you gave up your own qualms and decided to actually learn about football this time. Of course you want to support your husband and try to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes, but some things will just never change.


On The Bright Side?

Your husband may be having an affair, just not with who, or what, you think. His brain space is devoted to thinking about what his favorite athletes are doing on and off the field. Is football season over yet?


Okay, one last try

We have better things to do than try to learn the ins and outs of a sport your husband has probably watched his entire life. If it's not your thing, it's not your thing.


Every Football Husband Ever

We know this look all too well. It’s a little scary and may have you questioning things, but it’s all good. He’s just super excited about the upcoming season and the various plays to come.

Hopefully these relatable memes brought you some joy during football season and maybe you can even show your husband so he can understand where you're coming from. Above all, be sure to indulge in your favorite pastime just as your husband does with football.