Cute Otter with Elf on the Shelf
15 Times People Got Really Real About Elf On The Shelf On Twitter

Love it or hate it, Santa's sneaky scout elf is a holiday staple in a lot of homes. Since it's a bit high-maintenance, the elf tends to spark a lot of conversation, which then results in some pretty hilarious Elf on the Shelf tweets. Parents and non-parents all seem to have an opinion on the holiday game, and, thankfully, they choose to share their thoughts on social media for the rest of the world to see.

There are no shortage of social media posts that have the elf at the center of them. Some people wake up every day and want to share what their elf is up to, others take to the internet to wage war against the people who created the game in the first place. Some are just there to express how thankful they are that they don't have Elf on the Shelf-aged kids, because it means they get to avoid the stress that seems to come along with it.

Regardless of whether people are pro or anti-Elf on the Shelf, the spy really serves as an opportunity for people to showcase their comedic chops online. From teaching kids important life lessons, to seeking marriage advice, to flat out expressing rage over the elf, here are 15 hilarious tweets from people with strong opinions on the tradition.


Parenting Pro-Tip

If you're going the extra mile to make your kids smile this holiday season, you should at least get to use the elf to your advantage.


Life Lessons

At some point, every kid has to learn about a Viking funeral, right? This seems like an appropriate approach to that lesson.


A (Not So) Tragic Accident

At this time, police have not declared a cause of death because witnesses and suspects still need to be questioned.


Real Talk

This is the holiday equivalent to when people remind new moms, who are covered in spit up and trying to soothe a crying baby, to "enjoy this time because it goes by so fast."


On Practicing Gratitude

Perspective is one of the keys to finding gratitude in daily life. It's important to look for the silver linings on even the worst days.


Proof Teachers Are Actually Saints

You know that excitement you have to fake when your kids find their elf in the morning? Imagine having to do it 20+ times.


Holiday Sleep Deprivation

There's nothing quite as terrifying, and inadvertently funny, as the rage of a mom who is deprived of sleep (unless she's you, then it's not funny at all).


Calling It Like It Is

You wouldn't want a high-maintenance, judgmental friend or relative in your home so why should the elf be an exception?


The Art Of Compromise

She definitely has the whole "compromise" thing down. She will also probably "compromise" with her partner over who has to move the elf every night.


Self Awareness

It's important to be able to look inward at yourself and your behavior... and if the Elf on the Shelf is what gets you there, no judgement.


Adult Acrobatics

There's no need for crossfit or CIA training during Elf on the Shelf season.


Life Lessons By Dad

Teaching kids various approaches to solving life's problems is what parents are supposed to do, right?


A Brilliant Idea

She's obviously angry... but not entirely wrong.


A Desperate Husband Seeking Advice

Every marriage goes through rough patches. But, this level of betrayal may take some time to fully heal.


A (Hilarious) Disney Enthusiast

Quite possibly the best answer to this viral Elf on the Shelf trend. Not to mention, it's still a valid question.