child girl, eating spaghetti for lunch and making a mess at home in kitchen

15 Cute Instagram Captions Ideas For Babies Eating (& Making A Holy Mess)

Of the 7,830 photos that are currently on my camera roll, a lot of them are of my kids eating. You, like me, have probably captured every mealtime moment, from when your baby latched onto your breast for the first time, to when your partner let your baby lick a lemon to see the hilarious response. Yes, your baby (and that bowl of cereal on his head) is utterly enjoyable. If you plan on sharing that adorable pic of your baby eating, you'll need a cute Instagram caption to go along with it.

But why are photos of babies eating so precious in the first place? Well, for starters, babies are inherently messy eaters. I mean, who doesn’t love an image of an infant sitting proudly in her high chair with cake smeared all over her chubby little face and hands? Since we’re all taught to have proper table manners fairly early on, seeing your little one let loose and plunge into her pudding with gusto can make you feel a certain joie de vivre that can get lost in adulthood.

Plus, there’s no filter when a baby loves (or loathes) a new food, and those expressions can be utterly adorable. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder for us that eating is meant to be enjoyable and that we should savor every morsel, (of both our food and our lives), just like our sweet babes do. So as you scroll through your phone looking for that ideal Insta photo, check out these quippy captions that you can use to accompany that perfect picture.


Eating bananas like a BOSS.

Asian baby eating banana for tasting on the shopping cartShutterstock

Capture your little monkey chowing down on a banana, which is often a baby's first (and favorite) fruit.


"Did someone say boobs?"

Pretty much works with any nursing pic.


“Is it time for cake yet?”

Whether it's for your baby's first birthday or you're just letting him have a taste of your red velvet, cake is always on the mind of your baby when it comes to a mealtime menu.


When you see your favorite snack…

Foster a love of food by offering your little foodie fun (and healthy) snacks.


“So you mean to tell me that spoons don’t really sound like airplanes?”

Spoon-feeding your baby while making big whooshy airplane noises is practically a parental rite of passage. But when your little one realizes that spoons are just, well, spoons, it can be a bit of a letdown.


“Trying to have dinner and Mommy won’t stop snapping pics.”

It can be a #proudmommy moment when your child finally eats his pureed stringbeans. Just be sure not to interrupt feeding time by sticking your phone in his face as you take a dozen pics of it.


"But my toes are soooo tasty!"

Cute baby girl lying on her back and touching her feet. Happy healthy kid at home in nurseryShutterstock

Sometimes, toes just taste better than that turkey veggie medley you're trying to serve up for dinner.


That moment when the boobs come out.

Accompany a smiling babe with this caption. It's so cute to capture that look of love when your baby knows that it's time to nurse.


"Bring on the bottle!"

Bottle of milk... or bottle of wine? It could really go either way, depending on who's saying it.


"You know that my poop is going to look like pureed carrots later, right?"

Sure, you're happy that your baby ate all of his carrots, but that mischieveous look on his face means that you might be facing an orange-esque diaper change soon.


"Hmm, I’m not so sure about this solids stuff…"

Baby is finally sitting up like a big girl in her high chair, ready for the requisite Cheerios. But will she take a bite? Only time will tell...


"Just…. one…. more…. bite…"

Courtesy of Anne Vorrasi

When it's time for your nap, but those puffs are just so darn tasty.


To sleep or to nurse, that is the question.

When breastfeeding your baby puts him into a food coma...


"So spaghetti *isn’t* a toy?"

You haven't lived until you've snapped a shot of your baby sitting sweetly with a bowl of spaghetti on his head, all over his face, down his diaper... you get the idea.


"Pass the peas, please."

Picking up peas and popping them into her mouth is oh-so-entertaining.