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15 Cute & Useful Last-Minute Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts From Amazon

When you think about it, your child’s teacher is truly part of your tribe. They teach more than reading and writing, they guide them when it comes to things like listening, sharing, and being kind to others. That’s why it makes sense to applaud these classroom crusaders with a token of appreciation for all that they do. And with Teacher Appreciation Week coming up soon, you’ll need to grab a gift like, now. These 15 last-minute gifts for teachers from Amazon are a great way to express your gratitude.

When it comes to giving a gift for your child’s teacher, it’s truly the thought that counts. And now, more than ever, teachers definitely deserve some recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty to aid in your child’s instruction. So many teachers are trying to make the transition to homeschooling less, well, traumatic than it has been, and for that alone, their efforts truly need to be applauded.

That’s why you should take advantage of Teacher Appreciation Week (starting on Monday, May 4 and running through Friday, May 8) to show your teacher how much they mean to you. Although you might have already had an idea that what they do in the classroom is pretty amazing, now we, as parents, can truly appreciate the daily Herculean efforts they exert to inspire and educate our children.

So grab a gift from Amazon for the teacher in your life from the list below. They’ll definitely put your kid at the head of the (virtual) class.

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Teacher Key Ring

Let your child’s teacher know how important they are (and will bee) with this cute key ring. It’s made from stainless steel and is also hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about it changing color. The bee charm has sweet little stones to give it extra sparkle.


Teacher Water Bottle

Instructing students all day can make definitely make you work up a thirst. Help hydrate your child’s teacher with this inspirational water bottle. It’s made from 100% BPA-free Eastman Tritan premium plastic to ensure safe sipping. It can go from school to home and back again, and is shatterproof, too.


Best Teacher Ever Book

When your kid is the comedian of the classroom, this knock knock book is the perfect gift. Your child can fill in the pages of this journal, which has pages that read: “The best part of being in your classroom is______” and allows your child to write in their own answers.


Pop-up Notes Dispenser

You’ll be the apple of your teacher’s eye with this fun, fruity, and functional pop-up note dispenser. The unit holds 3 x 3 inch pop-up notes, and can help keep all of your ideas in one spot. Plus, since it’s weighted, it can also be used as a paperweight for the plethora of papers on your teacher’s desk.


Coffee Mug and Stemless Wine Set

Sure, during the school day, it’s all about the apples. But once 3:00 rolls around, it’s all about the grapes (and the wine). This fun set from Funny Mugs, LOL is ideal for your child’s instructor who likes a latte during the day — and an adult beverage come evening.


Self-Inking Motivation Stamp Set

Writing out “excellent” all the time isn’t, well, excellent. Gift your teacher this self-inking stamp set, which features stamps such as “Great Work!” “100%”, or (womp), “Let’s work together on this one!” The 8-piece set can reportedly stamp over 30,000 times, and comes in a carrying tray to keep the stamps neat and tidy.


Teacher Bracelet

Bring a little bling to your teacher’s wardrobe with this pretty and petite bracelet. It can be personalized with your teacher’s birthstone, and also has an adorable little rhinestone apple, and a center charm which reads “It takes a big heart to teach little minds.” Your teacher will definitely find this charm bracelet, well, charming.


Teacher Survival Kit Bag

What will your teacher store inside of her survival kit bag? Perhaps some pencils, notepads, and other accessories will fit inside the bag, which measures about 10 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches high. It’s great for toting from classroom to classroom, and can be spot cleaned with soap and water.


Acrylic Teacher Office Desk Bar

A personalized plaque can be a perfect gift for the professor in your child’s life. This plaque, which measures 2 x 8 inches, can sit prettily atop your teacher’s desk. Customize it with up to two lines of text (think your teacher’s name and their school or the grade they teach).


Superpower Tumbler

If what’s happening in the world today wasn’t already an indicator that teachers are totally amazing, we don’t know what is. And this rose gold tumbler is a great way for your teacher to profess her powers. Of course, she can keep her drinks cold in it, or use it as a pretty pencil holder on her desk.


Teacher’s Notepad

This notepad can keep all of the to-do’s and schedules effortlessly organized and neat. There are sections for note taking, people to call or email, and the all-important “get it done” section. There are 50 sheets in the notepad for your teacher to stay organized.


Teacher Life: A Snarky Chalkboard Coloring Book

Coloring just got a whole lot cooler with this chalkboard coloring book designed just for teachers. They can color pretty pages with hearts and a phrase that reads “It takes a big heart to shape little minds," or they can keep it real with coloring pages like: “Fundraising idea: cash bar at parent teacher conferences.”


No. 2 Pencil Socks

These socks can help prep your teacher for a long day on her feet. They’re designed to look exactly like a No. 2 pencil, complete with eraser and sharpened pencil tip. They’re made from cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex to give extra stretch — and most importantly, stay up. All the other teachers will be so jelly.


Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Candle

After a stressful day on the job, your child’s teacher can light this candle and unwind. The scents of jasmine, chamomile, musk, and ylang-ylang will create a calm and relaxed atmosphere and even act as a stress reliever. The candle can burn for up to 80 hours, which means that your teach can light it as often as she likes.


Deluxe Hand Cream

Let’s face it: kids are cute, but they’re germy, too. So give your teacher the gift of soft hands with this set from La Chatelaine. It comes with three creams in scents like lavender, lychee bilberry, and lemon verbena, and is designed to be ultra creamy and nourishing for your skin.