Beat Bedtime Story Burnout With These 15 Lesser-Known Kid Books

Classic children's books are classic for a reason. The characters, storylines, writing, and themes are timeless enough to appeal as much to our children now as they did to us back when. (For some of us: waaay back when.) Still, there are so many other lesser-known children's books that are just as wonderful as the more familiar ones, and they deserve a look next time you're searching for a storytime read.

I raised my kids on the beloved books, too. Many were the nights when they begged for yet another reading of Guess How Much I Love You, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Fox in Socks, and Knuffle Bunny. On our library visits, my daughter would select at least six titles in the Berenstain Bears series. (Sometimes she still does, for nostalgia's sake.) But I also made it a point to look for either less-popular titles by the authors we loved, or else books that just seemed fun, even if they weren't on our kid-lit radar. Because, let's face it, there are just so many times you can recite the darn caterpillar's menu or retell why Sister Bear has a meltdown at her birthday party. (She loses a game! Her friend squirts water on her shirt! She can't blow out all her candles!)

Below are just a few suggestions for titles to check out online or at the bookstore or library. There's sure to be at least one new favorite to add to your rotation. If it spares you from just one day of revisiting a certain feline and his chaos-creating Thing friends, it'll be worth it, right?