Courtesy of Samantha Darby

15 Hilariously Spot-On Pregnancy Brain Memes

There are few things more frustrating than pregnancy brain, especially when nobody seems to understand the severity of it. It doesn't matter how far along you are, that baby inside of you is totally sucking your brain juice and making it impossible to function and memes about pregnancy brain prove you aren't alone.

Not entirely sure if you suffer from pregnancy brain or not? Here's a little test: Do you do totally off-the-wall, out-of-character things that make no sense? Do you feel foggy day in and day out? Are you constantly misplacing things, forgetting things, accusing people of hiding the stuff you lost, and/or confused about what you walked into the kitchen for 10 minutes ago? Are you also pregnant?

Congratulations, you're suffering from pregnancy brain. There are actually some real studies about how pregnancy can affect a woman's brain, but let's be real. Everybody knows that pesky child taking up all of your energy is the one to blame. And mom brain isn't much better, but it's especially difficult to love being pregnant when you find your keys in the freezer, your milk in the pantry, and you washed your hair, but didn't rinse the conditioner out. (Personal experience with that one.) So enjoy knowing you're not alone with these 15 memes about pregnancy brain. Seriously, this is ridiculous.


So Much Fluff

10/10 would describe pregnancy like this.


Real Life Struggle

I mean, how can you keep watching Netflix without that remote? You only get three episodes in before chaos reigns.


How Bow Dah

Yeah, keep laughing, fools. I wish I could remember what you're laughing about, but keep laughing.


Pudding, Round 2

You know, this isn't a bad place to store spoons.


Still Kind Of The Same Thing

If your goal is dry clothes, I really don't see an issue here.


Like, Every Day

It doesn't get much better when the baby's born.


Real MVPs

Always needing a translator is like rule one of pregnancy brain.


That Sounds Delish

Texting isn't safe with pregnancy brain either.


Most Definitely Forgetting Stuff

Like the wet laundry stinking it up in the washing machine from 12 hours ago.


Real Conversation Here

But food is obviously most important and everyone needs to get on board with your tangent.


I Hate Everything

And can't even remember what I needed this password for.


2 Brains Ain't Better Than 1

Seriously, it's like twice the mental distractions.


Bye Bye Stress

It's easy to relax when you can't remember sh*t.


More Like Every 2 Minutes

Do I have a kid to pick up at preschool today or did I just want chicken nuggets? Why am I in the car?


Best Halloween Ever

Your kids are going to love you if this pregnancy brain keeps up.