15 Names For October Cats That Are Just Purr-fect

October and cats go together like Linus and the Great Pumpkin. Both the month and the animal are as mysterious as they are beautiful, and both carry just a hint of unpredictability. So when you're trying to come up with a name for a cat born or adopted in October, you need something that's as unique as the month itself.

The name choices for an October cat can be inspired either by the obvious Big Holiday or by the other traditional sights of the season. If your cat is black, you're almost obligated to go with witchy/wizardy names, but there are other, more generic autumnal names, as well as Halloween-themed names, that work well with cats of any color.

Depending on what day of the month your cat was born or adopted in, astrologers say its personality will be shaped by its sign. Cats born between October 1-20 are Libras who love nothing more than to be near their human companions, and get anxious if their people come home late, according to Cat Astrology. Cats born from October 21-31 are the mysterious Scorpios, craving love and intuitive to their people's feelings, yet expecting their humans to know instinctively what they need.

Whatever color or personality your October cat has, it needs a name that reflects its time of year. Here are some suggestions for seasonal names that should suit your autumn cat:


This one is so obvious, it has to take the top spot. Not only is it the name of the Massachusetts town that became famous for the 1692 witch trials, per The History Channel, it's also the name of the teen magic-maker's cat on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, affirmed CBS.


This name for a witch's familiar dates back to a report from British "witch-finder" Matthew Hopkins in the 1640s, per Visit Constable County (Hopkins' home county). More recently, it was used in the 1958 movie Bell, Book and Candle. In the film, modern witch Kim Novak had a familiar named Pyewacket.


Hazel is a great name for an October cat, and in more ways than one. Not only is the hazel tree a colorful sight in the fall, but it's also associated with knowledge, healing, and white magic, according to The Goddess Tree.


October kitties don't all have to be named for witches and creepy beasts. If your pet is one of those beautiful orange fellows, then naming it for the month's symbolic gourd would be a no-brainer.


This is the month when the trees show off their dazzling foliage before the winds and rain of November send the leaves to the ground. Maples are among the showiest of trees, and their red and orange brilliance could inspire you to name your own red or ginger kitty for the quintessential October tree.


Another ideal name for an October-born (or adopted) reddish cat that reminds you of the glorious autumn leaves. You could add an extra "t" at the end to honor Ms. Johanssen or Ms. O'Hara.


October + black cat + traditional witching hour = the perfect name. It was also the name of Halle Berry's pet in Catwoman, according to Chewy.


Got a white October-born cat? A ghost-inspired name like this one would work. Or how about Phantom, Spooky, Spirit, or just Boo?


This is a must if you check your TV schedule every October to find out when the Disney Channel is airing Hocus Pocus. The film's black cat is actually a boy transformed by the three witches, explained Chewy, and his full name is Thackery Binx.


Harry Potter fans know that cats are one of the animals students are permitted to bring to Hogwarts as familiars. So why not name your October-born or -adopted kitty after Hermione's pet? According to Pottermore, Crookshanks is "highly intelligent and perceptive," just like its owner.

Mrs. Norris

The other famous feline in J.K. Rowling's saga is Mrs. Norris, the pet of Hogwarts caretaker Filch. Pottermore pointed out that the fictional cat is fiercely loyal to her human companion, so this would be a good name for an October cat who loves to follow you everywhere.


October is ideal for indulging in roasted sweet corn and hanging colorful corn on the front door. So if you have an October-born yellow tabby or calico kitty, this name is perfectly suited. (And Maisie is a sweet nickname.)


Anime lovers with October cats should look no farther than the classic film Kiki's Delivery Service for name inspiration. You could name your cat Kiki, or go with Jiji, the name of Kiki's faithful black cat, according to Fandom.


Your little fanged friend might need a Dracula-esque name if it was born or adopted in October. PetHelpful explained that Vamp means "one who bewitches, beguiles, or charms," which certainly describes a kitty companion.


Finally, what could be more October-appropriate than the witches' cat from Macbeth? Also spelled "Graymalkin" in some versions, the name is "an affectionate nickname for a gray cat," according to Shakespeare Online.