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Show Your Love On National School Nurse Day With These 15 Instagram Captions

They put Band-Aids on skinned knees. They stop nosebleeds with ice packs and they hand out a change of clothing if your child has an accident at school. They even administer life-saving medications when need be. We're talking about school nurses, of course, and they heal all day long. So what better way to praise these unsung heroes than by posting these Instagram captions for National School Nurse Day?

If you have a school-aged kid, then you’ve probably gotten a call (or 10) from your school nurse at some point, whether it was for something simple like forgetting to send in a health form or something more serious, like an accident at school. But now that you’re homeschooling your kids, you’ve also become an on-call 24/7 nurse, too. So you probably have more appreciation for school nurses now, during the pandemic, than ever before. And there's no better time to show that appreciation than on May 6, National School Nurse Day (which always falls on the Wednesday during National Nurse Week). So post a photo of your school's nurse or your child holding a "Thank you, school nurses" sign (or even a vintage school nurse photograph) with one of the following captions and watch the virtual hearts fly.

When you think about all the people who are a part of your child’s educational experience, don’t forget to include your school nurse. They're the ones who keep little minds happy and healthy so that they can learn and thrive during the school day... and beyond.


“Thanks for ‘nursing’ my kiddo back to health.”


Who hasn’t had a child who wound up in the nurse’s office with a tummy ache? Thank your child’s school nurse by acknowledging all that they have done for your child, whether it was giving her ginger ale or some Tylenol for a headache. It all matters.


“We love our school nurses!”

School nurses tend to sick children, call parents, and keep everything running — all at the same time. They do so much, and might not always get the recognition they so rightfully deserve. Just saying that you love your school nurse can make them feel appreciated.


“You are a lifesaver.”

If you have a child with an allergy or some other potentially life-threatening medical issue, you know how true (and scary) this statement can be. Nurses can sometimes mean all the difference in getting your child the medical care they need when they need it.


“Giving you a virtual high five!”’

Since schools are closed, you can’t go into your school nurse’s office and offer her thanks. Instead, you can send a socially distanced high five to that medical marvel who cares for the kids in your child’s school. And you don’t even have to use hand sanitizer afterwards.


“Our school nurse makes the grade!”

For everything that they do, school nurses deserve an A+. They coordinate medical care for hundreds of students at a time, and also take the time to know each child and understand their needs. For that alone, they should get a gold star sticker, too.


“You are our health care hero!”

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Not all heroes wear capes. Truth be told, these frontline workers are heroes when it comes to students’ safety. And seeing a child succeed or get better is what matters most to them.


“Thanks for supporting students in times of crisis, school nurses.”

Sometimes, school nurses do a lot more than bandage a banged-up knee. They also handle children’s emotional issues, too, and should be applauded for their efforts to keep kids happy, both mentally and physically.


“School nurses rock!”

What better compliment can you give someone than to say that they rock? After all, if your child pees his pants during playtime, it’s the nurse who will get him clothes to wear without making him feel badly. That's a total rockstar quality.


“Thank you for drying my child’s tears when I couldn’t be there, school nurses.”

School nurses have the ability to tend to a twisted ankle as a medical expert — and offer care and compassion to the child, too. And that’s what sets school nurses apart: They can be both a physician and a caregiver to so many children.


“School nurses go above and beyond.”

Even though they’re in an office, school nurses are an omnipotent presence in the school. So many of the responsibilities to keep the student body healthy and safe fall squarely on the school nurse’s shoulders. That’s why they truly go above and beyond to make school a better place.


“School nurses are a vital part of the school staff.”

Teachers often get the praise when it comes to school-related matters. Show your school nurse that they are just as important as your child’s instructors by giving them a social media shout out.


“Compassion is their superpower. Happy School Nurses Day!”

Sure, they might not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But a school nurse possesses compassion in order to care for children in their care. And that just might be more important than super speed or strength.


“You’re a superstar in scrubs! Thank you, school nurses!”

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Forget about the tights and capes. Nurses have the know-how to potentially save a child’s life and still be able to keep their cool no matter what each day brings.


“Thank you for putting so much heart into everything you do!”

Find an illustration of a cute heart to use with this Insta caption. While teachers might be shaping your child’s mind, school nurses are tending to your child’s health and heart, literally.


“Thank you for your service, school nurses!”

When you think about it, school nurses are really frontline workers. After all, your child will be sent to their office first for any medically-related issue. A simple "thank you" can express your heartfelt thanks for everything that they do.

As you scroll through social media, take some time to acknowledge your child's school nurse today. It will let them know how much they truly matter to your family.