15 Nautical Nursery Ideas For Your Little First Mate

One of my favorite things about preparing for my first child was planning the perfect nursery. I spent hours pouring over websites looking for inspiration, scouring stores for those perfect little decorative touches. In the end everything turned out just as I hoped, and almost three years later I still look at that room and feel happy (even though my daughter would much prefer to sleep in my room). If you're trying to set up a gorgeous baby room inspired the sea, you're in luck. There are tons of amazing nautical nursery ideas for the littlest member of your crew.

When you think of a nautical nursery, there are probably a few classic elements that come to mind, including cut certainly not limited to: shades of blue, stripes, and anchor details, which are all popular for nautical nurseries. But there are so many other ways to take your theme even further, so why not go a little overboard (pun intended)? From outside the box color schemes, to pieces that look they were salvaged from a shipwreck, to hand-painted pictures with seafaring themes, those extra details can really take your nautical nursery to the next level.

So with that in mind, here are 15 nautical nursery ideas perfect for your little sailor:


Navy Stripes

Nothing says nautical like navy stripes. Instagram user @silviaochaoartist went big and bold on one wall of her nursery.


Anchors Away

A nautical nursery wouldn't be complete with an anchor. Jennifer from The Gracious Way blog went with a decal over the changing table.



Every little sailor needs a compass to find their way home. @jessica.benson.311 put one in her little girl's room to help her navigate dreamland.


Live Saver

How cute is this life saver in @carolinermotta's nursery? It won't help you if you've got a man overboard, however — it's purely decorative.


Nautical Canvases

Some cute paintings or prints can add a gorgeous touch to a nursery. Instagram user @canvasesbycarlyn went with stripes and sea creatures to fit the nautical theme.


Porthole Mirror

The little round mirror in @anna.payanveomett's nursery is a subtle nautical touch. It could almost pass for a porthole window on a ship.


Nautical Pink

Nautical nurseries aren't just for boys, and you don't have stick with a blue and white color palette to pull the theme off, either. @elisabeth.emmons went with pinks and blacks and still achieved the same gorgeous effect.


Starfish Friends

All sorts of sea creatures make sense in a nautical nursery. Instagram user @jackie.walstrom found a cute starfish to fit her theme.


D-I-Y Curtains

Bloggers Meg and Steph from Do It Yourself Divas put together a super cute set of nautical nursery curtains. The look is easy to mimic with striped curtains and a bit of rope.



There she blows! Instagram user @michelle.hayes.7169's little one can do some whale watching in their nursery thanks to the adorable sheets and bedding.


Wood Details

Touches of wood in @jennifer.pichette.7's nursery make it shine, from a dark wood crib to a wooden name sign.


Nautical Netting

You can't snag the catch of the day without a fisherman's net. @carrielynnnnn hung one up for a sweet nautical touch.


Seafaring Details

Annie Smith's nursery could pass for seaworthy vessel, with an oar to paddle and a wheel for steering.


On The Map

A little sailor will have lots of adventures to plan. @kristina.marie.5439 hung a map on the wall of her nursery to help her little seafarer plot their voyages.


Sailor Storage

Even your nursery storage can be on theme. Diana from The Girl Creative blog put together a simple tutorial for a distressed nautical crate to hold all your little one's treasures.