7 Yellow Nursery Ideas That Are Pure Sunshine

Settling on a nursery design can be tough, but it's way easier when you have a certain color in mind. In my opinion, there's just something about yellow that feels perfect for the modern baby nursery. It's bright, gender-neutral and fun. So whether you're pining for a pineapple theme, or just want add a pop of yellow to the space, here are 7 yellow nursery ideas that feel as bright as a ray of sun!

When I think of yellow, I think of lemons and sunshine, bees and honey. But beyond the cheery images it conjures up, yellow is associated with some pretty positive emotions and traits. "It means happiness and optimism; it is the color of sun shining, or bright light and creativity. It is believed to have an influence on the left side of our brain, where deep thinking and perception dwells," according to Color Psychology.

Once you've settled on yellow as your go-to nursery hue, you can then start thinking about how and where you want to incorporate the color. You're certainly not limited to just picking yellow chevron crib sheets and calling it a day. Maybe you can even combine this decorating trend with another, like the floral nursery fad or vintage nursery vibes. The inspiring yellow nursery ideas below show that yellow can be used in all sorts of places, from cribs to cactus-print wallpaper, and everywhere in between.


Make A Statement

I love how Handmade Charlotte makes a statement with this bright canary yellow color accent wall. You might not want to paint an entire nursery this shade, but it's a great choice for adding a splash of fun.


Yes To Pineapples

Words can't describe how obsessed I am with this pineapple-themed nursery from The Wise Baby. The yellow and black color combo feels bold and modern. Plus, you get to shop for pineapple baby items, which are just delicious.


Clever Like A Fox

This inviting nursery from @liz_smarty_points had me with the sweet Mr. Fox wallpaper, but I also love that it features different shades of yellow and orange. Now that's clever.


Desert Vibes

This golden cactus wallpaper is actually a DIY idea from A Beautiful Mess, as part of a Palm Springs-inspired kid's room. If you want to put a little sweat equity into your baby's room, this project is guaranteed to make the nursery your favorite room in the house.


Pastel Blooms

Painting your baby's nursery a pastel yellow is a great way to create a warm, soothing space. Plus, if you add some of these flower wall decals from Byrdie Graphics, ($44, Etsy) the room feels really textured and unique.


Bold Stripes

The bold yellow and white horizontal stripes in this "Lumberjack Inspired" nursery from Everything Emily add just the right amount of color to the room. I love how the deep yellow shade creates the perfect backdrop for cool bull head wall art.


You Are My Sunshine

No yellow nursery round-up would be complete without at least one sunshine-themed nursery! The sunny yellow crib is funky and fun, and the "You Are My Sunshine" triptych of prints from Paper Ramma ($22, Etsy) brings the sun concept to life.