15 Pieces Of Hillary Clinton Gear That Every HRC Supporter Needs

It's been on hell of an election season, hasn't it? Between the bickering and scandals, it's safe to say that most people are ready for the election to be over. Of course, if you're with her, then chances are you're excited to Nov. 8 to arrive and (hopefully) see the first female elected president. If you fall under that camp, then chances are you want to get your hands on some Hillary Clinton gear to done on Election Day (and all the days after, of course).

It's pretty crazy to think that the country is just a couple of weeks away from electing a new president, especially when you consider that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic presidential candidate. I have heard her name since I was a kid in the third grade and my class did a mock poll to vote for either Bill Clinton or Bob Dole. I knew who the Clintons were; I had heard my parents talk about them which is exactly why my 8-year-old self put in a vote for Bill Clinton. I voted like my parents did.

And now, my own little girl gets to watch me cast a vote this election. She probably won't remember it, but I can easily pick up some of these Hillary Clinton items to celebrate her nomination (and her birthday, which happens to be on Oct. 26.)


Nasty Women T-Shirt

It's that Donald Trump thought his "nasty woman" comment to Clinton at the final presidential debate would probably be seen as an insult. I'm sure he thought he was going to upset her and make her lose her cool, but the future POTUS ain't got time for that. Because you know what? Nasty women get sh*t done. Rock that motto with this "Nasty Women Get Sh*t Done" t-shirt ($24). As if the world needed a reminder, right?


Fundamental Rights Bag

Clinton's campaign has created some pretty amazing swag, but this Fun-damental Rights tote ($25) from her campaign shop might be my favorite. Use it to carry your books, your clothes for a trip, or your kid's toys for the ultimate feminist message.


Hillary Clinton Pins

These Hillary Clinton campaign pins ($6) are perfect for spreading your love of the future Commander in Chief. They are cute and trendy with some great graphics and can be used to decorate everything.


Miss Clinton If Ya Nasty

You didn't think I was done with the nasty woman gear, did you? This "Miss Clinton If Ya Nasty" t-shirt ($20) is just perfect when you want to rock that quote one more time and throw in a little sass and shade.


Hill Yes

What more needs to be said? The "Hill Yes" tank ($26) will be perfect come Election Night and through her potential presidency.


The Woman Card

Because everyone needs one, right? Trump says you're playing it too much, so make sure to grab The Official "Woman Card" ($5) so you can flash it whenever necessary.


Yasss Queen Sticker

The Hillary Clinton vinyl sticker ($5) is the perfect complement to your laptop, iPad, or any other equipment you want to share the love on. I love the vintage picture of Hillary and the simple message — yassss.


Nasty Woman Hoop

Again with the nasty woman? Obviously. This Nasty Woman embroidered hoop ($13) should be hung in every woman's home. I mean, if Trump says you're a nasty woman, you're doing something right, aren't you?


"Give Them H*ll" Print

Whenever you think your voice doesn't count or that your fight is getting lost in the loudness of the other candidates' supporters, look at this "Keep Giving Them H*ll" print ($10) to remind you that your voice matters — and that she's counting on it.


Nasty Women Mug

Nasty women make history and you most definitely are going to this election season. Grab this "Nasty Women Make History" mug ($15) for some morning motivation with your coffee.


Bill & Hill T-Shirt

Better than WWE, y'all. The tag team t-shirt ($26) is the perfect accessory for every Clinton fan. I'm ready to see Bill Clinton as the first dude. Are you?


"A Woman's Place" T-Shirt

Never forget where your place is as a woman, my friend. This Woman's Place shirt ($12)will let the whole world know exactly what you think of "a woman's place."


Hillary Earrings

Why not jazz up your ears while you're at it? Hillary Clinton earrings ($7) are perfect for every day of the year.


Hillary Clinton Needlepoint

The "Who Run the World?" needlepoint ($30) is a great home decor piece that will give you a healthy dose of motivation, feminism, and bad*ssery when you're not feeling so hot.


"Let's Do This" Magnet

Let's do this election thang. Grab the "Let's Do This Hillary" magnet ($4) and stick it on your fridge, your work cooler, or your filing cabinet for a reminder that she's taking care of business and so are you.