15 Reasons Why Giving Birth In May Is Seriously The Best

Spring is in the air. The trees are finally starting to show signs of life, the flowers are in bloom, the birds are singing, and, if you're reading this, there's a good chance you're expecting a baby this month. Let me tell you, friend, giving birth in May is the best for so many reasons, and I want to congratulate you on this excellent life decision.

My daughter was actually due on June 11th, so her arrival shortly after Memorial Day threw us all (me, my husband, my family, and my coworkers) for a bit of a loop. All of a sudden "the baby will be here in two weeks" became "the baby is coming today. See ya!" I think I understand why, though. In fact, I'm convinced my daughter could sense it was June and was all, "Ummm, no thanks. May, please." Not to brag, but she's always been a very wise child. Clearly.

After all, who doesn't love May, right? OK, so maybe people with really horrible allergies aren't big fans. (In which case: ugh. Sorry, dudes.) But there is so much to recommend this magical month in and of itself, and many more reasons on top of that to recommend having a baby in this time. Consider, for example, the following:

You Avoided Being Pregnant In The Summer

As someone who has also given birth in September, I can assure you that being pregnant in the summer is a torture concocted by the devil himself to punish you for whatever pleasure you took in creating this child in the first place. Between the heat and the hormones and everything the heat does to those hormones, you are miserable and smelly the entire season.

But look at you! You most likely conceived in August or September and probably didn't even know you were pregnant until September or October. Well done! Whether by accident or on purpose, you were exceedingly clever to steer clear of that horrible, sweaty mess.

You Don't Have To Worry About Weather Screwing Up Your Birth Plan

Give birth in the winter, in at least some parts of the country, and you have to fret about snowstorms or ice or whatever. Even with my first September delivery I had to worry about a predicted hurricane and come up with a plan about what I was going to do if I couldn't get to my hospital (only accessible by bridge). May? The worst weather thing I had to worry about was, like, if the weather became too delightful or something.

You Can Recover With Your Baby Outside

It's so nice to just chill outside in the mild sunshine as you get back to your old self. Stick the baby in pack-and-play, rock-and-play, Moses Basket, ring sling, or other assorted baby containment unit and just chill on a blanket or in a chair as you feel the gentle spring breezes fill you with glee and restore you to full health.

School Is Still In Session

This is excellent news for two reasons. One, if you have a school age child, their routine isn't going to be as wackadoodle as it would be when school was out of session, so they can get used to one thing at a time. And second, it gives you, in that same situation, some nice one-on-one time with your new baby.

Oh, and once your newbie is a school-aged child themselves (I know, I know, but time flies) they will get to celebrate their birthday with their class and their friends probably won't be away on vacation! Speaking as a person born on December 27 ( two days after Christmas and during winter break), I envied the kids who got to bring in treats and get balloons and attention from their friends on their birthdays.

You Won't Be Pregnant On The BBQ Holidays

Meaning that you can have a beer (or two) on Memorial Day (unless you're due around the very end of May), Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Or, if you don't like beer, a boozy popsicle! Of course, you won't have "eating for two" as a justification to eat an entire tray full of kebobs or burgers, but you don't need an excuse! You are a grown woman who can eat what she wants without shame! Besides, now you won't have heartburn after you do eat an entire tray of kebobs.

Forgiving Postpartum Fashions

#MaxiDressLife, y'all. It's the best and they make everyone look a little pregnant or newly postpartum!

Outdoor Birthdays For Life

Compelled to have an expensive indoor birthday party at various children's entertainment facilities, because it's worth it not to have 20 kids in your home because it's too crappy to go outdoors? Not for your May baby! Have a back yard? Have the birthday there! Live near a park? Well, children love parks! Doing birthdays on the cheap is way easier in May than other months. It's not too hot, not too cold, and you don't have to worry too much about rain.

You Don't Have To Worry About Layering

"Does the baby need a hat? No hat? Is two layers enough? Should I add another? Is the baby too hot? WHAT IS THE BABY DOING TO REGULATE ITS TEMPERATURE AND HOW CAN I HELP?!"

This is a non-issue for May babies. Stick them in a onesie and you're done. Enjoy living your life.

May Has One Of The Two Best Birthstones

(The other is sapphire. This isn't* my opinion: it's science.**)

*It is

**It isn't

So Many Photo Opportunities

The possibilities are endless! Baby on a blanket in the grass. Baby with spring flowers. Baby near blossoming trees. Baby on a sunny, clear day. Baby with adorable also baby animals!

All The Baby Animals Are Out & About

Actually, give me a minute, you guys. My head is exploding in cuteness at the thought of baby humans and baby animals existing at the same time.

You Can Get The Hang Of Things Before Summer Screws Up Your Routines

And it will, because summer is weird and schedules are different and no one in the office GAF about anything except keeping warm in the freezing climate the air conditioning has created. But it's OK, because your baby was born in May, so you were able to get a little bit of a handle on things.

Two Fine Astrological Options

May babies are either going to be a Taurus (April 20-May 21) or a Gemini (May 22-June 21). Both signs are positively delightful. Tauruses are known for being patient, loving, and hardworking, and Geminis are witty social butterflies who make friends easily. There's no losing!

No Waffling About When To Send Them To Kindergarten

You have a baby born near the cut-off (late summer through early fall) and you have to really debate whether or not you're going to send them to kindergarten "on-time" or "hold them back." People will ask you about it all the time (but only as an excuse to give you their opinions). You will do hours or research. You will cry. You will grow frustrated. When you finally make your choice, whenever one tiny little thing goes wrong you will say, "Maybe we shouldn't have sent them early/late."

It's a mess.

May? Well within the cutoff. No questions. Done.

It's One Of The Best Months *Period*

Other than October (the best month, though not the best one to give birth in), name a better month.

You can't do that.

Because May is amazing, and it's going to be even more amazing when you're welcoming your little one into the world.

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