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You Can Prep These 15 Sheet Pan Dinner Recipes In Just 10 Minutes On A School Night

We all know that sinking feeling you get when you've raced through yet another day of work and school only to find that it's somehow 6:30 p.m., the kids are getting hangry, and you need a solution ASAP. What’s a worn-out mom to do? Sheet pan dinners are the way to go, especially if you can prep them in 10 minutes or less.

All of the following recipes promise that prep happens in a snap. Now, we know everyone slices and dices at different speeds, but based on our own review, you'll still get your evening meal prep done in that 10 minute window. To really speed up getting dinner on the plate, consider pre-chopping the night before or setting out shelf stable ingredients on the counter before starting the day — trust me, learning the art of mise en place will save you boatloads of time and prevent the dreaded pre-meal panic attack.

Another good idea when you're competing against the clock to get the family fed and washed up before bed is to get your kids involved. Maybe cutting up carrots is beyond their skillset, but you can have them set the table. With that one task out of the way, you'll be that much closer to dinner time and your child will gain a sense of purpose in the daily act of breaking bread together as a family.


Chicken Sausage Apple Squash Sheet Pan Dinner

This six ingredient meal is quick and satisfying. And better yet, half the prep takes place while you let your veg and apples cook. To make this an even faster recipe, you could pre-cut your veggies the night before. A Spicy Perspective says it only needs to cook for about 15 minutes. Plus, this meal is gluten-free.


Weeknight Broiled Salmon with Chermoula Herb Crust

Want an even faster prep? Try this 5 minute Weeknight Broiled Salmon with Chermoula Herb Crust from A Beautiful Plate. All your effort goes into prepping a pesto-like coating to top the beautiful fish. Then it cooks in a flash. Ten minutes in the oven and it’s done.


Sheet Pan Spinach Quiche with Spring Alliums

For such a quick dinner, this one is remarkably pretty. A Brooklyn Supper says it only takes five minutes to prep this sheet pan spinach quiche that keeps a little accessorizing from ramps. She includes instructions to make your own crust, but you could always opt for store bought to make this a super swift supper.


Sheet Pan Greek Chicken & Vegetables

The Greek flavors of lemon, oregano, feta, and olives are perfect for late summer and when you’re in a back-to-school rush, this recipe will be a lifesaver. Plus, since it’s from Budget Bytes, you know it’s going to be a bargain. This one comes out to $3.33 a serving. Not bad for something so tasty.


Sheet Pan BBQ Meatloaf Dinner

Meatloaf in a sheet pan? Sounds weird, but Budget Bytes shows that it can be done and prepped in 10 minutes. We know, we were skeptical too. But all the hard work here is really mixing up your meat loaves and then voila, dinner is served.


Sheet Pan Fajita Bowls with Chicken Sausage

There’s a reason bowls have been such a trend for the past five years or so: they’re easy to eat! Mess free, they're ideal for small eaters too and this Sheet Pan Fajita Bowl will satisfy everyone in the house. Cooking for Keeps cooks the veggies on the pan first, then adds in the sausages. All that’s left to do is make a little DIY gaucamole and pop on top of rice.


Sheet Pan Teriyaki Salmon

Damn Delicious knows a fast recipe when she sees one. And this Teriyaki salmon made on a sheet pan couldn’t be faster. We’re talking 10 minutes prep time and only 20 minutes in the oven for a recipe that’s ready to feed your hungry horde in 30 minutes.


Sheet Pan Peanut Sauce Shrimp and Broccoli

The best part about this recipe from Fox & Briar is that it gives you an excuse to eat shrimp — a protein that feels like a special treat — in the middle of the week. Plus, shrimp are so easy for kids to eat with their hands, this makes this recipe especially appealing. Prep time is a swift 10 minutes, so you’ll be licking your fingers in no time.


Baked Cod Loin with Miso-Red Curry Sauce and Summer Vegetables

We're loving this Feed Me Phoebe recipe because it's a great way to introduce kids to a new fish (in this case, cod). The flaky white fish gets a miso-curry dressing and a side of summer veg. Bottom line: This will look Instagram-worthy but take you less time than it would take to get the right lighting for your post.


Tenderloin with Honey Balsamic Roasted Vegetables

Craving some pork? Skip the stress of your go-to Saturday night top chop. Instead, get your fix with this tenderloin sheet pan recipe from Good Life Eats. Chopping up the accompanying carrots, onions, and parsnips will take you 10 minutes tops before you pop this baby in the oven.


Quick & Easy Chicken Dinner Pizza Recipe

It's so easy to dial up a pizza, but sometimes you don't want to spend the money or question the ingredients of delivery. So skip it and do DIY instead. I Am A Food Blog's chicken dinner pizza takes five minutes to prep! Done and done.


Easy Sheet Pan Panini

What family doesn't like a piping hot panini after a long day? This recipe from Mel's Kitchen Cafe basically lets you bake your deli sandwiches to your liking. So easy we're wondering why didn't think of it sooner.


Sheet Pan BBQ Chicken Dinner

Get your family to eat a big old serving of good veg including red peppers, zucchini, red onion, and corn with this loaded sheet pan of barbecue goodness. This No. 2 Pencil recipe uses chicken breast tenders and smoked turkey sausage sliced into bite sized pieces for its protein, then paints them with your choice of barbecue sauce for a crowd-pleasing meal.


Sheet Pan Salad Nicoise

As someone who has been on a big salad Nicoise kick lately, I find The Healthy Foodie's recipe especially intriguing. Basically instead of doing each ingredient separately, she plates the tuna, green beans and potatoes on a sheet pan and cooks them together. Plus, the prep takes only 10 minutes. How about that for fast and French?


Sheet Pan Buddha Bowls

With just ten minutes of prep you can be well on your way to a tasty bowl of cabbage, butternut squash, onion, and Brussels sprouts with Yummy Yummy Kitchen's Sheet Pan Buddha Bowls with Tahini Sauce. Note, this does require 45 minutes of cooking, but if it looks as good as it tastes, that will be well worth it.