15 Things Every Grown-Ass Woman Does In Bed

When it comes to what a woman should do in bed, there's a whole lot of information out there. Even at 18, I read articles in my favorite magazines about all the things I needed to do to not only enjoy sex, but to please my partner, too. But some of the advice? Archaic. I would've preferred a list of things every grown-ass woman does in bed, because sex is so much more than trying out a new position or wearing sexy lingerie.

Having sex like a grown-ass woman would mean you need to be in a sex-positive relationship. Because grown-ass women? They aren't afraid of sex. They aren't intimidated by it or worry that they're doing it wrong. Grown-ass women know what they like in the bedroom, they know what turns them on, and they know that the best thing about sex is actually having it. They enjoy the intimacy, the connection with their partner, and the actual act of sex. In Amy Schumer's special Live at the Apollo, she spoke about women and how society views their love of sex. "You're made to feel really weird and disgusting if you're a girl who likes to have sex," our girl said. And she's right — but not if you're a grown-ass women. Because you're doing these 15 things in bed and you are loving every minute of it.


She Enjoys Herself

If you're not enjoying sex, then why are you having it? A grown-ass woman makes sure that the sex is worth her time, but she also has her partner in mind. Because if she's not enjoying herself, her partner will notice and lose the fun in the moment, too.


She Doesn't Doubt Herself

She knows that her partner wants her, she knows that she turns her partner on, and she doesn't doubt her abilities in the bedroom. A grown-ass woman is confident, hands down.


She Listens To Her Partner

A grown-ass woman knows it's not all about her in the bedroom. She listens to her partner, follows their lead, and takes control when she knows her partner wants it.


She Receives Consent From Her Partner

It's just as important for a woman to receive consent from her partner as it is to give it. If your partner says no to something you want to try in bed, a grown-ass woman doesn't argue or guilt her partner. She accepts it and only does things that her partner consents to.


She Doesn't Let Society Dictate How She Acts In Bed

She doesn't worry about whether it's lady-like to always be on top or if her feminist friends would judge her on being dominated. She has sex the way she wants, without judgment.


She Doesn't Fake An Orgasm

Because she doesn't believe in being dishonest to her partner, and because she knows that fake orgasms are pointless.


She Knows An Orgasm Isn't Everything In Sex

And she doesn't have to ever fake an orgasm, because she knows orgasms aren't the most important thing during sex. She knows that if she's not going to have one, she can still enjoy herself, and it takes the pressure off of both her and her partner.


She Lets Her Partner See Her Body

Because she is beautiful and lovely, and her partner loves looking at her. A grown-ass woman takes pride in her body and lets her partner admire her because she knows she looks gorgeous.


She Talks To Her Partner

Whether it's dirty talk, telling them to try something new, or asking a question, she knows that she can, and should, talk to her partner during sex.


She Makes Her Partner Feel Good

Because sex isn't just about her. Everyone loves to say things about being selfish in bed, which is fine, but a grown-ass woman knows to make sure her partner feels good, too.


She Touches Herself

Yup, she totally does. She does it if she wants to make herself have a more powerful orgasm, if she knows it turns her partner on, or if it just makes her feel sexy.


She Enjoys Giving As Much As Receiving

A grown-ass woman not only likes pleasing her partner, but it turns her on, too. Sex should never feel like a chore.


She Is Honest About What She Wants

And she's never ashamed of what she wants. She tells her partner what she wants, and she tells them what she doesn't want.


She Stays Open Minded

She doesn't always have to agree with her partner, but a grow- ass woman is open minded and non-judgmental about the things her partner likes in the bedroom. She's willing to try things, and if she definitely doesn't want to do something, she makes it clear why to her SO.


She's Actually Involved In Sex

Every woman has a day where she just wants to lay back and enjoy sex, but a grown-ass woman still stays involved. She talks to her partner, she makes sure they're happy, and she still puts in an effort.