15 TV-Inspired Baby Names For A True Boob Tuber

Baby name inspiration can come from everywhere. Your favorite books, your favorite songs, even your favorite places. If you’re a huge television lover (basically, all of us), you might even have a list of TV-inspired baby names to consider. The wonderful thing about using television as inspiration is that you don’t have to let the characters define your baby’s personality. Not all characters are good, compassionate, upstanding citizens, but that doesn’t make their name any less cool.

You don’t even have to be a fan of a show to appreciate a great name. TV writers have to be creative, right? They’re constructing an entire world and, in doing so, give birth to characters with incredible personalities, interests, and — if all goes well — a moral compass. It’s pretty amazing when you think about all of the things writers have to consider when choosing a moniker for these fictitious personas. And, for the most part, they do a damn good job at it. Hello, it doesn’t get much more awesome than The Fonz. So if you’re looking for some baby name inspiration and want a big ol’ dollop of creativity (with maybe some touches of comedy and drama), these 15 TV-inspired baby names are sure to help. With a wide range of characters, from unique names to classics that stand the test of time, television has given us some great monikers for your little babe. Those writers know what they’re doing, so shamelessly steal away.



You don’t have to be a fan of the show Nashville or even country music to appreciate this modern, handsome name for your little guy. The character Deacon may be brooding and flawed, but his name is solid.



It’s been a favorite for a while, but Olivia Pope from Scandal makes the name a huge winner. She’s a pretty fierce character, but it doesn’t mean your girl has to go into politics (or sleep with the married president) to carry the name.



Our favorite joker already had his name used in Friends for one of the triplets Phoebe carried, but Chandler deserves more children in his honor. And while it was a joke on the show (in true Chandler fashion), I think the adorable name is perfect for a boy or a girl.



Unashamed of who she is and a big dreamer, Penny from The Big Bang Theory is one of the best characters on television. But her name is also golden. You can go for Penelope if you want, but I think Penny is sweet enough to stand on its own.



The fact that Netflix is bringing back Gilmore Girls is inspiring enough, so maybe Rory can top your baby name list. Also great for both a boy and a girl, it’s quirky and perfect for your future TV-watching buddy.



Charismatic, thrilling, and a little bit dangerous, Annalise Keating is not only the perfect criminal lawyer and professor in How to Get Away With Murder, she also has a beautiful name. Obviously, you can hope your own Annalise will never be mixed up in a murder plot, but the name may be perfect for your little princess.



Lucy’s an adorable and fun name anyway, but when you tell people you stole it from I Love Lucy, everyone will totally understand. She’s creative, a dreamer, and never lets anything hold her back, regardless of how ridiculous her schemes get.



He’s powerful, he’s determined, and he’s a tiny bit scary. (OK, a lot scary.) But Frank Underwood from House of Cards carries a traditional, lovely name for a little guy that stands the test of time.



Do I have to keep mentioning that the character’s storyline doesn’t matter? Because for Piper from Orange is the New Black, it definitely shouldn’t cross your mind. But I love the name and think it’s darling and unisex.



A classic, Gabrielle from Desperate Housewives wasn’t always on her best behavior, but what woman is? You can shorten the classic to Gabi or even Elle if you’re looking for a name with great nickname choices.



I know that Snow is a fairytale character before a television character, but the name is too adorable to keep hidden. In Once Upon a Time, Snow is incredibly strong, but also loving and compassionate in a way most can only hope to be. Plus the name has great nature ties if you’re into that kind of thing.



Hank Schrader will stop at nothing in Breaking Bad to put away a terrible man, regardless of the family connections, and his name fits him perfectly. I think Hank is boyish, but also fit for the man your son will someday be.



She’s saving the world from the undead and still attending high school in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so her name seems pretty bad*ss to me. But it’s also cute, quirky, and an old school favorite.



The only boy in The Cosby Show clan was mischievous and a bit goofy, but was also pretty inspirational as he beat the odds of a learning disability to become a great mentor for kids. Short for Theodore, I think Theo is charming and can also stand as a full name.



OK, so Dillon isn’t necessarily a character in Friday Night Lights, but it does represent a lot of faith, love, and light as the city where so many incredible characters and their stories live. You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate the sweet name, especially as it can be for a boy or a girl.