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16 Best Apps From Costco For Holiday Parties, Because You're Feeding A Crowd

As if the main meal weren’t already enough to prepare, you realize that you now have to make appetizers for your holiday shindig, too. And not just one, but probably a few different ones. Which, when you think about it, is like making a whole lot of extra mini meals. (It’s not like you can just serve, you know, a couple of sliced apples and call it a day.) That’s when you need to declare enough is enough and find ready-made apps to serve. These best appetizers from Costco for holiday parties will make your meal even more amazing than it already is.

If you don’t have apps at your event, you know what’s going to happen. You’re going to have hungry guests stalking you in the kitchen while you cook, picking at your already chopped ingredients, and really, that’s more stress than you need right now. So you should serve them something to keep them satiated (read: quiet) until dinner is done.

You might opt to put out chips and dip, fancy cheeses, soups... even quiches and crackers can all make for an appetizing appetizer table. Pick and choose the ones that will complement your main meal, and you’ll have a holiday party that will make your guests feel fabulous and festive.


Hannah Classic Organic Hommus

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Break out the pita chips and serve this organic hummus ($6) as a pre-party starter. It’s all organic, gluten-free, and delish. For $6, you can get a 32 oz. container, which means your guests will be ho ho happy with your hommus.


Tipiak Pull Apart Cheese Bread

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Baking bread can be laborious. So forget about the yeast and pop these pull apart cheese bread loaves ($10) into your oven instead. They’re made with Brie, Emmental, and mozzarella cheeses. Pull it apart slowly to see all the cheesy goodness inside.


Don Lee Farms Organic Cauliflower Bites

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You can sneak some veggies into your holiday soiree with these organic cauliflower bites ($11). You can heat them up in either a skillet or microwave them. They’re made from all natural organic ingredients. Shhh, don’t tell your kids that they’re good for them.


Garden Lites Superfood Veggie Cakes

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These cute little veggie cakes ($10) are baked with broccoli, carrots, and peppers for a heart-healthy appetizer. They come in a 12-pack, and are gluten-free and non GMO verified. You can serve them as an app or if your guests stay over until the next day, as a breakfast dish.


La Tierra Fina Quiche

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Spinach and artichoke…or cheddar and broccoli? You won’t have to decide, since these quiches ($12) come in a package of two and are made with egg whites and yummy veggies. Just bake and slice them for a sophisticated starter.


Blunt Organic Butternut Squash Bisque

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Move over, chicken noodle. This organic butternut squash bisque ($9) is good for the soul — especially since you just have to heat and serve it. It’s organic, and totally freezable, just in case you have leftovers.


Kirkland Signature Cheese Flight

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You could buy a bunch of cheeses in bulk — or you could just get this sumptuous sampler of the good stuff instead. It comes with Monteau Alpine, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Red Wine Soaked Goat Cheese, Il Tartufo Pecorino Toscana, and a Tuscan hand-rubbed Fontina cheese and costs $20. As if all that decadence weren’t enough, the package also suggests wine and beer pairings, too.


Cello Variety Pack Cheese

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If you’re looking for pre sliced cheeses, you can get this variety pack ($10). It offers perfectly-sized aged cheddar, French Swiss, creamy havarti, and Dutch gouda that will perfectly adorn any cracker you serve them with.


Organic Avocado Mash

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If you have no time to make your own guac, this organic avocado mash ($15) will definitely do. It’s made with sea salt and black pepper and comes in a 16 pack. But you can always dump it out and serve it in a big bowl with chips.


Keebler Club Snack Stacks

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You can’t beat a buttery cracker, and the Keebler Club crackers ($8) are no exception. Use them for dunking into decadent dips, or as a base any types of cheese and meats you’re serving before the big meal.


Carr’s Water Cracker Variety Pack

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Elevate your cracker game with these Carr Water Crackers ($10). Inside you’ll find original, pepper, and sesame seed crackers to complement your appetizers. They’re non GMO verified, too.


Bagel Bites Pizza Snacks

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Sure, you can serve up fancy apps. But as far as kid-friendly goes, you can’t beat Bagel Bites. For $9, you can get 72 of these bitty bagels that are topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. They’re made with real cheese and offer 7g of protein per serving.


Don Miguel Mini Tacos

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For your holiday fiesta, serve up these totes delish mini tacos ($10). They’re filled with chicken and cheese as well as salsa and roasted corn. They’re wrapped in a convenient (and cute) mini corn tortilla, making them portable and easy to eat.


Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup

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Swiss cheese, onions, and croutons come together beautifully in this soup that is a heat-and-serve wonder. There are six individually wrapped soups that also are vegetarian and cost $10. Five minutes in the microwave is all it takes to go from frozen to piping hot in a bowl.


Kirkland Breaded Panko Shrimp

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Breaded panko shrimp can totally make your holiday table more festive. You’ll get between 40-50 shrimp per package ($18), which means there should be plenty for everyone to sample. Just bake them up and serve them crispy and hot for an app everyone will love.


Tiger Thai Shrimp Vegetable Nests

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Onions, carrots, and kale, oh my! This shrimp veggie appetizer ($9) is coated in a tempura batter and topped with shrimp to tantalize the taste buds. Bake them up right before your guests arrive so they stay nice and crunchy. And don’t worry — there’s a tempura dipping sauce already included in the package.