Daniel tiger holiday 2019 gifts for daniel tiger fans; karaoke machine

16 Adorable Holidays Gifts For Kids Who Love 'Daniel Tiger'

If your little one is a fan of Daniel Tiger and his neighborhood crew, then there are two things of which I'm almost certain: The first is that you constantly have one of Daniel’s catchy songs in your head, (if you have to go potty, stop, and go right away...), and the second is that your child would probably love to unwrap one of these 16 Daniel Tiger gifts this holiday season.

From the functional, like these socks that feature everyone in the neighborhood, to the straight-up fun (and very musical, sorry) electric trolley, there’s a perfect present for every Daniel-lover (and Owl, Prince Wednesday, Miss Elaina, or Baby Margaret fan, too).

The show, which builds on the teachings of Mister Rogers, encourages empathy, respect, emotional intelligence, and social skills. Giving your kiddo a Daniel-inspired gift is a reminder of these important values every time they play or pull their socks on (well, at least that's the hope). If nothing else, then having their favorite character to play with can help ease the blow when it's time to turn off the show. Read on for the best Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood gifts for every preschooler on your list, and if they already have everything tiger-oriented, don't forget about tickets to see Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Live!


A Daniel Robe

Sometimes getting into the bath is hard, and then getting out is an equal struggle, because that's how toddlers roll. This Daniel Tiger plush robe will make the transition out of the tub a little bit easier. Now good luck getting the PJs on.


A Musical Trolley

This electronic trolley drives itself which is the coolest thing ever for a preschooler. When your child pushes any of the buttons, they'll hear some of the songs and phrases they know and love (like meow, meow so cute, meow, meow...) Just be mindful if you have kiddos under 3 in the house, this toy contains small parts.


A Set Of Four Board Books

Each of the four board books in this set tackles a different, important lesson. The boxed set includes the titles, Daniel Learns to Share, Friends Help Each Other, Thank You Day, and Daniel Plays at School. And once the books are displayed on the bookshelf (or next to the bed where they're read every night) you can use the cute box to store other Daniel knick-knacks.


Daniel Tiger Personalized Socks

You may not think that socks will be a major hit this holiday season, but these are special socks. The upper shows off Daniel and his friends, but the sole is where the personalized action really shines. On one foot it says "Ugga Mugga" (which translates to "I love you" according to the Fred Rogers Production Twitter account) and on the other foot, you get to customize your child's name (up to nine letters, sorry Christopher).


Daniel Tiger Sing Along

This is the gift for any budding singers or karaoke enthusiasts. The machine comes programmed with some of the hit songs from the show, and you (I mean... your toddler, of course) can record themselves singing along with the tiger crew. Plus it comes with batteries which means the crooning can start right away.


Goodnight Daniel Doll

This plush Daniel toy emits a soft glow via Tigey, Daniel's special stuffed animal (who is also a tiger... just go with it). It plays a recording of Daniel's mom singing the goodnight song and is a great option for any kiddo who's wary of falling asleep in the dark. They can take the doll with them to the bathroom in the middle of the night as a portable nightlight, too. Genius.


Daniel Tiger Figurines

This 10-piece set is the perfect way to introduce Daniel toys to any new fans. The set includes Daniel, of course, plus his family and all of his buddies. With posable arms and heads that turn, the figurines encourage imaginative play.


Daniel Tiger High-Tops

Converse Chucks are just about the most classic shoes you can own, so why not get your preschooler started out on the right foot with a pair of customized high tops? I don't know how this artist gets the characters to look so true to their likenesses, but the shoes are too cute to ask questions. Keep in mind that Converse run bigger than other brands, so size accordingly because these can't be returned or exchanged.


A Pretend Potty

Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something is to watch your hero do it first, and Daniel doesn't wear pants so it's especially important that he learns to use the potty.

A hit among the potty-training crowd, this Daniel Tiger toy has toilet paper that really spins, a handle that makes a flushing sound when pushed, plus it sings the aforementioned potty song (as if it wasn't in my head enough).


10.The Memory Game

This set contains two games in one: Bingo and Memory Match, which are fun for all ages. With no reading required, little ones can play together too without needing the help of a grown up.


Twin Sheet Set

For the kid who eats and sleeps Daniel (literally) or who already has a whole slew of toys, character-themed bedding is an awesome and unique gift. Made from polyester microfiber, these are super soft and stain-resistant.


A Holiday Ornament

An ornament is a sweet gift that can quickly become a family tradition. You can start your little ones collection off with a Daniel Tiger ornament. Bonus points because it's plastic so it won't shatter when your kid insists on playing with it, which they will.


Snowflake Songs Book

This musical book plays five winter-themed melodies with the touch of a button. The lyrics are printed on each page so your kiddo can practice their "reading" and they'll love pressing the buttons and singing along. Three replaceable batteries are included.


A Costume

Sometimes it's not enough to play with toys, your kiddo actually needs to be Daniel. This costume will bring a smile to the face of any dress-up-loving kid, plus next year you'll have Halloween figured out early.


A T-Shirt

Some days, it's just hard to get dressed. This Daniel Tiger Neighborhood t-shirt will make putting clothes on more fun so you can get out the door more quickly. Plus, the gang's all here, so they don't have to choose a favorite character to wear (which can also take a lot of time).


A Baby Margaret Doll

A list is not complete without the toy version of Baby Margaret, Daniel's little sister who has helped many-a older siblings get excited about the new babies in their families. When you press her hands, she makes cooing sounds. This toy seems to be going fast and is already sold out at certain retailers, so grab one while you can.