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You Need These 16 'Game Of Thrones' GIFs When The Show Shocks You Speechless

Game of Thrones is one of those shows that just has it all — romance, drama, action, terror, and even some laughs every now and then. It's relatable, it's quotable, and it's definitely GIFable (a word I believe I just made up). There are so many hilarious and clever Game of Thrones GIFs out there, and you'll want to have them all bookmarked for when you share your thoughts on the next episode on social media.

GOT has been on the air for eight seasons now, debuting in April 2011, according to IMDB. The show's characters have aged and grown and changed so much in the span of the show, making it extra fun to see their younger selves immortalized in GIF form. Little baby Arya, for example, was always a warrior at heart, and Dany has always been absolutely ruthless in pursuit of her birthright. No matter what twists and turns the end of the series brings, you'll probably find a GIF here that demonstrates your reaction (I'm expecting mine to be whole lot of number 16).

Here are 16 fun Game of Thrones GIFs to celebrate the highs and lows and wins and fails of our favorite Westerosi characters.


Toasting Tyrion

That's what he does. He drinks and he knows things. I have a feeling Tyrion's going to be strongly tested in the last few episodes as Daenerys brings the fight to Cersei's doorstep.


Stabby Arya

How did we all miss this foreshadowing? Arya's always been handy with a blade.


No Filter Cersei

Cersei has always been the type to say exactly what's on her mind.


Relatable AF Cersei

I think we all have a little more in common with Cersei than we'd like to admit.


The Last War Is Coming

After the epic destruction and devastation of the Battle of Winterfell, it's hard to imagine that there's even more war to come. Here's hoping all our faves survive.


Don't Call Her Lady

And now she's Sir Brienne of Tarth. No one deserves the honor more.


The Faceless Man

Not going to lie, I was low-key hoping that Jaqen H-ghar would somehow make a surprise appearance at the Battle of Winterfell. His little protege did him so proud.


Not Today

Arya's path to defeating the Night King started way back in season 1. Syrio Florel deserved so much more screen time.


Shirtless Gendry

Because sometimes you just need to take a moment to appreciate the eye candy. Arya has impeccable taste in men.


Tormund In Love

Tormund has stolen every scene he's ever been in. I'm rooting for him and the Big Woman so hard.


Girl Power

Could there be a bit of foreshadowing here? I don't even know who to root for anymore, but there'd be something satisfying about a woman winning the Iron Throne in her own right.


Ruthless Daenerys

This GIF feels very timely now that Dany's got her sights set on Cersei.


The Contender

While Cersei, Daenerys, and Jon probably have the best odds of sitting on the Iron Throne in the end, don't sleep on Sansa. She's shown herself to be politically savvy and a great leader.



Despite their differences at times on the show, in real-life these two are pure friendship goals. Sophie Turner (Sansa) has even said that Maisie Williams (Arya) will be one of her maids of honor at Turner's wedding to Joe Jonas this summer, according to People (which Entertainment Tonight reports is still on, a surprise Vegas elopement not withstanding).


Where's Bran?

I think Bran could have used his time in the Godswood to, you know, help in some capacity. But I guess he was just in a warging mood.


Stone-Faced Cersei

This is all of us, while watching Game of Thrones every week.