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These 16 Face Masks For The Whole Family Are Machine-Washable, Don't Worry

Shopping for face masks really is a family affair. Because at some point, everybody in your house is going to have to have to wear one, every day (if they're not already). And while it might be easier if you all ditched your masks after using them once, that habit would get costly pretty quickly (and it wouldn't be so great for Mother Nature). That's why machine-washable face masks for the whole family are definitely the way to go.

If you're thinking machine-washable means more laundry, that's true. But when you think about it, masks are minute in comparison to other clothing, like sweatpants and jammies. And by being able to launder your family’s masks, you'll know they’re clean every time you leave the house (well, almost).

Plus, so many of the machine-washable masks are really, really cute. Sadly, the same can’t be said of the surgical and medical-grade masks that some folks wear. You have to wear a mask anyway, so you might as well add a little glam, some pops of color, or even dinosaur while you’re at it.

So check out these machine-washable masks that are meant to keep you and your family safe while protecting others — and look fashion-forward, too.

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Kids’ 2pk Cloth Face Masks – Cat & Jack

Your kid can rock the rainbow (or the first day of school) with these cute masks from Cat & Jack. The 2-pack fits kids ages three and up, and is made from 100% cotton. In addition to two layers and a pocket for a filter, the mask also has a plastic nose wire to keep the mask from sliding.


Non-Medical Face Covering 3pk-Navy Multi Pack

These non-medical masks from Boden have a spotty, striped, and block-colored design that can be mixed and matched with any outfit. Each mask has a wire across the nose so that it can be fitted to your little fashionista’s face. And they’re eco-friendly, since the masks are made from the end bits of fabric rolls.


Crayola Kids Reusable Cloth Face Mask Set

With a color and design for every day of the week, Crayola’s face masks just might get kids back in the school spirit. They come with a name tag so you won’t have to worry about them winding up in the lost and found. And with a 3D face design, the machine washable masks come with a mesh laundry bag, so you’ll never lose them. (Too bad we can’t say the same about those darned socks.)


5 Universal Masks Assorted Earth Colors

You and your family can mix and match these five universal (and machine washable!) masks that come in colors that are customized for the fall. There are five swoonworthy shades such as linen, hazelwood, walnut, cinnamon, and rosewood. The embedded nose wire will ensure that your child’s mask won’t slip down their cute little nose. Plus, a percentage of your purchase goes towards COVID-19 relief efforts.


Family Pack Face Mask Set

You can mix and match styles and sizes with the family pack set from Etsy seller LittleBerryBaby. Sizes range from 3-6 years old, 7-12 years old — even adults, too. There are 37 fabrics to choose from, so you might opt for a solid, or a soccer design, or a fun and flirty floral.


SpongeBob SquarePants Squidward Big Face Washable Face Mask

You’ll be the biggest thing to hit Bikini Bottom with this totally adorbs Squidward Face Mask. It comes in both adult and kids sizes, and can be easily machine washed with the rest of your delicates. The coolest part: Nickelodeon is donating 100% of its proceeds to support the Save the Children’s COVID-19 Global Response.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cloth Face Masks 4-Pack Set

Who says that Mickey and Minnie Mouse masks are just for kids? You can shop the Disney site for masks for your kids, your tweens, or even yourself, with these fun 4-packs that feature iconic images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The masks are available in sizes youth small, youth medium, adult large, and adult extra large and can be machine washed. The site even offers instructions on how to put on (and take off) the masks safely.


Billie Blooms Heartbreaker Mask

Your child will be breaking hearts left and right with this super cute Heartbreaker Mask from Billie Blooms. The mask, which is machine washable, is available in both kid and adult sizes. It’s made from 100% cotton chino twill, and is crafted in the USA. And while it might be pricier at $28 a pop, proceeds from your purchase are donated to Feeding America.


Face Mask 5 Pack

Masks will be covered Monday through Friday with this 5-pack from Etsy seller CanvasandCarry. The masks feature a watercolor batik with fabric that’s hand dyed in Bali. The masks comes in a wide range of colors, and adhesive nose wires can be included when you make your purchase.


5 Family Pack Fashion Face Mask

Etsy seller Miss Cotton Studio allows customers to mix and match sizes in the 5-pack option. Made in the UK, the masks come with a breathable 100% cotton lining and a filter pocket. There are size guidelines to ensure that the mask will fit each person’s face. Choose from florals to polka dots, solids to superheroes.


Adult Floral And Striped Mask 2-Pack

Now adults can score sweet masks from kids’ clothing brand Janie and Jack. The non-medical-grade masks are made from a cotton poplin shell and a cotton batiste lining. And when you buy a pair of masks, $5 will be donated to Baby2baby, a non-profit organization that provides impoverished children with essentials such as diapers and clothing.


Jaanuu Reusable Antimicrobial Finished Face Masks (5 pack)

If you’re looking for a mask that offers long-lasting wear, Jaanuu is it. With over 20 colors to choose from, your fam just might have a hard time figuring out which ones they like the best. The outer fabric is breathable and also moisture-wicking, and is treated with Silvadur antimicrobial technology to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew.


Old Navy Face Masks

Your clan will look cool in camo with this variety pack from Old Navy. Choose from styles such as Giraffe Print or Deep Sea. The masks, which come in one size, are made from 3-ply, woven, 100% cotton poplin. And if the mask gets dirty, just pop it in the laundry.


Funkins Pleated Adult Cloth Face Mask

Now, dinos can be for adults, thanks to the cute Funkins face masks. The mask features a pleated design that expands as needed, and is made from soft, machine-washable cotton fabric. And whether it’s for you or your child, you’ll both be darling in all the different dinosaur designs.


OURA Air Mask

Wouldn’t it be cool if a mask could kill germs on contact? Well, the OURA Air Mask might be able to do just that. With its self-sterilization technology, it’s able to offer protection from pathogens that are in the air. It’s available in sizes extra small through large, and even comes in a self-sterilizing travel pouch to keep it clean when not being worn.


OULA Fabric Face Mask

Made from 100% cotton, these masks come in vibrant colors and lively patterns that will put a smile on your face (even if you're the only one who knows it's there). Something else to smile about: They're made by a Black-owned, sustainable contemporary clothing brand whose mission is to "promote grace and natural beauty in all its manifestations."

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