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These 16 Playsets Will Keep Your Bored, Crabby Kid Occupied For Hours

Whether you're working from home, have a million chores to do around the house, or just desperately need a break, sometimes you need to find something to entertain your kid for a chunk of time. Once you've exhausted all the Blues Clues episodes and taken a glue stick to every scrap of construction paper in the house, you might find yourself scratching your head. Now what? One word: playsets. The best playsets will keep your kids occupied for hours, and all without the use of a screen.

What exactly is a playset? We're talking about a toy structure, usually including smaller components, that kids can play with indoors (or maybe even outdoors, if they really wanted to). The structure can be anything, really... a race track, a collapsible castle, a carry-and-go farm. Those smaller pieces are made to exist within that specific world, of course (little cars, king and queen figures, miniature farm animals). Basically, a playset is a miniature world kids can escape into so that you can actually get a little work done, mow the lawn, or do a few dishes. The coolest ones can be packed up and stored after use, for optimum fun and clean up.

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Carry & Go Farm

Oh to be on a farm. Tis the season for petting zoos and farmers markets, but with social isolation in full effect, your kids can let their imaginations take them to see all the livestock with this cute and easily packable Carry & Go Farm.


Carry & Go Track Table

Racing cars is fun, but you know what’s really exciting? Racing them on a track. This compact raceway will keep your little darlin’ entertained for hours with this Simplay3 toy.


Carry & Go Castle

Have a queen who needs a castle? Enter the Simplay3 Carry & Go Castle, perfect for your own in-house royalty. Kids can pick it up and go, so you can store after your child has abdicated teh throne.


Little Tikes Carry 'N Go Airport Playset

Suffice to say, none of us are traveling anywhere soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help foster your child’s desire to see the world. This Little Tikes Carry N Go Airpirt Playset let’s them safely take-off for destinations unknown.


Doctor Kit for Kids

With all the news swirling about the heroic efforts our medical professionals are making each day, your kiddo might be yearning to help as well. This little doctor kit will give your budding M.D. practice on his or her rounds.


Rose & Rex Felt River Play Set

Even the littlest kids can benefit from a play set and this soft felt option from Maisonette is perfect for little hands.


Pretend Play BBQ Grill Toy Kitchen Set

While we’re all cooking at home, might as well encourage your child’s culinary inclinations. This little barbecue doesn’t have to go in the backyard. They can grill up dinner right beside you.


40-Piece Castle & Pirate Ship Playset

Yaarrr, all you bored pirates. It’s time to set sail for the high seas from the comfort of your own living room with this swashbuckling ship and castle from Young Explorers.


Disney Animators' Collection Littles Sleeping Beauty Aurora Cottage Playset

We all could use a little fantasy from the happiest place on Earth. Disney may be closed but this adorable cottage and its handful of princesses are ready to play.


Peppa Princess Castle

Tired of your child talking to you in their Peppa Pig British accent? Then give them something else to talk to — Peppa herself living her best life in this plush castle.


Carry Around Animal Town

Trips to the zoo don't have to end just because of #stayhome. Let your little one imagine a visit with this darling Carry Around Animal Town play set.


Catch & Count Magnetic Fishing Rod Set

Gone fishin' takes on new meaning when you're practicing your angling from the living room floor. This Melissa & Doug play set will give your little fisherman-in-training a clean, safe way to work on their reeling.


Deluxe Road Rug Play Set

Take a ride on the rails with this soft railroad floor rug. Perfect for little ones, this play mat from Melissa & Doug comes with 49 wooden play pieces.


My First Foldable Parking Garage Vehicle Car Play Set

If your child is longing for a drive, this parking garage play set from IQToys will scratch their itch. You can even use some of the toy cars you already have on these roads.


15. My Carry Along Playsets (Kitchen)

Your little sous chef in training can take their kitchen utensils everywhere they go with this carry along set. Filled with 21 different tools, they'll be serving all kinds of imaginary three-courses meals.


Black + Decker Power Tool Workshop

Tackling long overlooked home improvement projects has been a top priority for people across the country. Maybe your kiddo wants in on the action too. Solution? This super cute work bench for kids, complete with a (pretend) saw and drill.