These 16 Toy Story Costumes Will Take Your Halloween To Infinity & Beyond

With Toy Story 4 having a worldwide opening of $260 million, it makes total sense that Toy Story costumes are in such high demand for Halloween right now. Whether you want to go classic Toy Story and dress as Woody or Buzz, or take a page from the latest installment and dress as Duke Caboom or even Forky, Amazon and Target definitely have all of your Toy Story faves.

Some other honorable mentions include Jessie, the new and improved Bo Peep, the alien from the claw booth, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, a green army man, an inflatable Rex, and even a Bunny Union costume complete with a Ducky. These would be perfect for a themed Halloween party or even as a family costume for trick-or-treating or hanging out candy. Obviously, Toy Story has been an incredibly successful and popular franchise ever since I was a kid and went to see the first Toy Story in theaters back in 1995. Most of these costumes are under $60, and I have a feeling they'll be timeless enough to be worn for many Halloweens to come — especially the adult-sized Woody, Buzz, and Bo Peep costumes.


Woody Toddler Costume

Everyone's favorite cowboy toy is available as a kid costume on Amazon. It comes with his infamous hat, cow-print vest, and denim-print pants. This particular costume fits kids up to 40 pounds.


Rex Inflatable Kid Costume

This is my personal favorite costume in the — an inflatable Rex. How hilarious would it be if your kid was trick-or-treating in a dinosaur suit? Even better if it's the best dinosaur around. The Amazon description notes that it comes with a pair of gloves and batter-operated air inflating fan, which keeps the costume inflated while trick-or-treating.


Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head Adult Costume

Everyone's favorite potato is available as an adult costume at Target. It includes one potato suit and then "stickers to create either Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head," the description says. The detachable foam accessories include a nose, hats, a mustache, and more. Just remember if you want to go as a couple, you'll have to buy two costumes.


Buzz Lightyear Kid Costume

This Buzz Lightyear jumpsuit includes detachable wings and gloves, and will be just perfect for the kid who loves Buzz the most out of all the characters.


Forky Child Costume

Oh, Forky. Bless your heart. For what it's worth, this costume doesn't look like "trash" or "garbage" probably much to Forky's dismay. This costume includes a red wrap for arms to look like a fuzzy pipe cleaner, a Forky mask (complete with googly eyes), fuzzy gloves, and shoe covers.


Woody Baby Costume

Your baby will obviously look precious in any costume, but they'll look especially precious in this Woody costume. It's a jumpsuit with "sewn-in boot detail" so it's easy on and easy off while being comfortable for your baby.


Bo Peep Kid Costume

I was a huge fan of the new Bo Peep in Toy Story 4; she ditched the skirt and wore pants and was basically just a badass superhero. Your kid will be ready to rock in this blue jumpsuit and cape that is also a reversible polkadot skirt. This particular costume also comes with a sheepherding staff, a purple wristband, a white armband, and a pink bow headband.


Buzz Lightyear Baby Costume

For the adorable baby-sized Toy Story costumes, Target's got you covered. This costume is a jumpsuit with hook and loop closures and a character hood. Plus there's a removable jet pack your baby can wear, too. The cutest.


Bo Peep Adult Costume

Looks like I can be my favorite Toy Story 4 character for Halloween, too. I may just have to get my baby the Buzz Lightyear outfit and make my husband dress up as Woody. This adult-sized version of Bo Peep has the same accessories and look as the kid-sized version.


Buzz Lightyear Adult Costume

This jumpsuit includes a purple headpiece, elbow-length gloves, and inflatable wings, and your kids will be super stoked that Buzz Lightyear has joined their family, if only for one night.


Jessie Adult Costume

This Jessie costume is perfection. The jumpsuit includes a white top with red and yellow details and of course her signature cow print panels. It also includes a belt, hair bow, and red cowgirl hat.


Duke Caboom Kid Costume

I personally wish Duke Caboom had more lines in Toy Story 4, because he was pretty hilarious. If he was your kid's favorite character, this costume on Amazon is just perfect. It's a jumpsuit with a maple leaf printed cape (Oh, Canada), and it comes with the official Duke mustache, and red and white helmet with visor.


Green Army Man Kid Costume

The green army men in all of the Toy Story movies are pretty underrated in my opinion. But if they're one of your kid's favorite characters, this is the perfect costume — all you need is to get some green face paint to complete the look.


Bunny Union Adult Costume

These bunnies were hilarious in Toy Story 4 and added some much-needed comic relief. This adult sized Bunny Union suit is pretty hilarious, and it even includes Ducky attached to the sleeve.


Potato Head Baby Footie Costume

I love a good baby costume that is easy to put on and take off, and this baby potato head costume is perfect for just that. They're basically just footie pajamas so there's not stress this Halloween. This costume would look great in a group family costume along with other characters.


Beyond Alien Classic Baby Costume

I can't even with this alien costume for babies. There are plastic snaps along the inseams of the legs for easy diaper access, and the headpiece is too cute. Make sure someone in your family dresses as Buzz Lightyear so they know where their leader is though.