17 Cheap Secret Santa Gifts You Can Get From Costco

There are many benefits that come with your Costco membership. The prices can't be beat and the free samples are to die for. But if you're in the Christmas spirit, and look hard enough, you can also buy a few cheap Secret Santa gifts from Costco as well. And by cheap, obviously I mean cost-wise — you don't want to get your Secret Santa a gift that looks rushed.

If you're thinking that it's the perfect season to grab yourself a Costco membership, you'd be correct. The wholesale retailer operates in eight countries, and always offers the best prices for products in economy sizes. You might never buy mayonnaise at your regular grocery store again.

Condiments aside, the store also has a bunch of holiday-related decorations and treats. Since it's one of those stores where you go in for one item and come out with 15, there are always a number of fun items that your Secret Santa will totally adore. No matter whose name you drew, you'll be able to find them something great within the set budget.

Even better, Costco is currently running a "12 Days of Deals" promotion that ends on December 12th. So, if you're looking for a bargain, now's the time to take a look and see what they have. Here are 18 of the best Secret Santa gifts that you can find for $25 or less.


For The Guy Who Loves Comfort

Whether he constantly complains of a backache or has mentioned a desire to stand up straighter and improve his posture, this black mesh backrest ($17) is sure to make him smile.


For The Girl Who Needs To Relax

There's nothing more relaxing than a solid cup of tea. Costco stocks a lot of Mighty Leaf brand teas ($7) that seem to be a step up from the rest. Those pouches are almost a work of art.


For The Buddy With The Sweet Tooth

Sure, everyone is pretty much inundated with cookies during the holiday season. But, this combo pack of David's chocolate chunk cookies and rocky road brownies ($25) is something that nobody would dare to pass up.


For The Movie Lover

What's a movie without popcorn? This pack of Popcornopolis single-serve buttered popcorn packs ($25) will ensure that they'll never go hungry during their favorite comedies and dramas.


For The Girl Who Wants To Have It All

This bakery gift box from Dancing Deer ($25) has an assortment that includes everything your Secret Santa recipient could ever dream of. (I'm guessing she dreams of desserts, because I definitely do.)


For The Fitness Fiend

There are so many ways that your Secret Santa recipient can use this large exercise ball kit ($25) — in fact, each ball supports over 1,000 pounds of weight, so they can also use it as a makeshift chair if need be.


For The Runner

When you're a runner, you don't let snow get in your way. This 2-pack of stainless steel water bottles ($20) will surely get a ton of use year-round.


For The High Anxiety Recipient

Some people get extremely tense over the holidays, especially if they're in charge of planning the big events. Others just need a breather every now and then, and always forget to take it. For the human stress machine in your life, gifting a massage kit ($25) might help them loosen up in time for the new year.


For The Organized Girl

Sure, she can just ask Siri every morning. Or she can take a look to her left the second she wakes up, and figure out what the weather's like outside. This cool LCD alarm clock ($18) even has two USB ports, so she can plug her phone right in at night.


For The "Star Wars" Fan

If your friend or co-worker would rather be hanging out on the Millennium Falcon than at the Christmas party, at least they'll be able to build one once they head back home. This Star Wars Battle Pack kit ($15) is for fans of all ages.


For The Comic Lover

There's no comic strip that's more classic than Peanuts. With this book of Peanuts comic strips ($25) they'll be able to relive all of their favorite Charles Schulz moments from the '80s. (And, good news — if the '80s aren't their thing, Costco sells other eras as well.)


For The Earth Science Nut

If your Secret Santa recipient loves science and history, they might get a kick out of this visual guide to dinosaurs ($23) which includes a bunch of incredible photos and facts.


For The Classy Lady

These black leather gloves ($25) will help your Secret Santa recipient stay warm and stylish. Even better, they're touch-screen compatible — perfect for the girl who's attached to her iPhone.


For The Woman Who's Always Cold

If you work in an office, you probably know her well. She's the one who's fighting with another cubicle-mate over the thermostat on a daily basis. This wool blend cardigan ($25) will not only make her feel a bit cozier, but it'll bring a little bit of peace to your workday.


For The Child At Heart

If your Secret Santa recipient is someone you're pretty close with, getting her a pair of thermal pajamas ($17) will likely make her day, and remind her of Christmas as a young child. Although everyone wears PJs, there's something delightfully sweet about grabbing a pair around Christmastime.


For The Gardener

Just because it's cold out, it doesn't mean that the only plant around you has to be the Christmas tree. These live ivy hearts ($25) are the perfect home accent for the Secret Santa recipient who is already missing his or her garden.


For The Costco Lover

Costco is, in general, an experience that many people can bond over. If you know your Secret Santa recipient also loves shopping there, consider grabbing them a gift card ($25) that they can use for their next trip. Trust me — it'll get used.