17 Earth Day Memes To Help You Celebrate The Environment

It's nearly impossible to celebrate a holiday without social media these days, but for certain festivities, I think it works. Especially for a holiday like Earth day, which doesn't get as much love as Christmas or Halloween. Earth Day is celebrated every April 22, but it often falls off of the holiday radar. Luckily, with plenty of Earth Day memes, you can get in the spirit and make a difference in the world.

Just think about how great social media, especially memes, are at going viral and spreading the word about something? Earth Day is the perfect holiday for these posts. Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated in an effort to motivate people to take action for the sake of our planet. It's a great excuse to educate yourself, your children, and your friends about the damage we're doing to Earth and how our conscious efforts can save it. With plenty of nation-wide events and activities to celebrate, why not spread the Earth Day cheer to your social media followers?

With any of these 17 memes, you can either motivate others to get out and make a difference for our planet or simply remind them that it's Earth Day with something funny. Social media may get a bad rap some days, but when it's time to encourage others to make an effort for the sake of our planet, these memes can do the trick.


A Friendly Reminder

Unless you're holding out for Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway to find us a new planet, you're going to have to remember this.


There Are 364 Other Days To Plant Trees, You Know

It's like celebrating your love on Valentine's Day. You don't have to wait for April 22 every year. Recycle all year-long, plant trees and flowers, and love your planet all the days.


OK, Guilty Of This

See, this is why you should celebrate year-round! Then you aren't blindsided by the news. (Also, thanks for literally everything, Google.)


Go Team Earth!

YEAH! Take that other planets! Especially you Saturn, thinking you're so fancy with all of those rings. Earth pride is real, y'all.


Think Of The Future

Your babies need this planet, too.


Cue Vanilla Ice

Word to your mother, the homeland. Time to start showing her some respect, my friend. Don't forget to thank her for her sacrifices! And her oxygen.


Every Little Bit Helps

I know, planting one tree or recycling for a few months doesn't feel like you're reducing your carbon footprint too much. But you are. Keep fighting the good fight.


We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Earth Day

Grow, little tree, grow! Have you wished a plant "Happy Earth Day!" yet?


Wise Words

When you keep this in mind, it makes recycling and planting even more worth it. Nice motivation when you imagine your kiddos, right?


So Many Braids & Flower Crowns

I am so guilty of this. Don't forget to post a picture of your mason jar full of coffee to show that you don't endorse plastic!


Ugh, The Worst

Don't you want to throw a packet of seeds at every one of these trucks you see?


Fair Warning

According to The Atlantic, in 2014, there were enough Keurig coffee pods sold to circle the globe 10.5 times and most of them? They end up in landfills. So don't show off that new Keurig machine anywhere near Earth Day. And pick up a real coffee maker while you're at it, OK?


You Should Probably Keep Both Clean, FYI

But the sentiment is still there. You only have one planet!


Major Side Eye

And also prints lots of checklists on things to do to save the planet . . . hm.


Time To Unite

It's a common interest for everyone and Earth Day is the perfect time to unite with your peers and protect our planet together.


I Stand Behind This Statement

Because I'm not sure where you're going to call home if you don't help out this planet a little, OK?


Batman Just Gets It

Thanks for always saying what everyone is thinking, Batman.