Woman drinking tea while resting at home on autumn day

17 Hilarious Fall Memes For All The Basic & Proud Moms Out There

If the first falling leaf of autumn makes you want to cheer with joy, then all the hilarious fall memes for basic-and-proud-of-it moms out there will certainly make you chuckle. Because really, what's not to appreciate about this season of mild weather and tasty treats?

Comfy boots, leggings, and of course pumpkin spice-flavored everything are the subjects of many of these memes. At this point, the terms "basic" is pretty much synonymous with "person who loves autumn," it seems. In fact, a quick search for the #basic tag on Twitter just brings up post after post of people enjoying a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks for the first time this year. It looks like fall is the most basic season of all. (And, in case you were wondering, the first official day of fall is September 23.)

And to be honest, that's fine, because the people out enjoying apple picking and chilly walks over crunchy leaves are just out living their lives. It's a little odd to give anybody grief because they're happy about a change in the weather. So get out there with your PSL and chunky scarf and soak in this lovely sweater weather, because fall is fantastic, basic or not.


Pumpkin Spice Really *Is* Everything

OK, but the boots, leggings, and scarf combo is a classic for a reason. It's absurdly comfortable and warm. No shade to anyone who wears this official uniform of autumn.


Seriously, Yes To Pumpkins

"Pumpkinhead" is kind of a compliment, at least to those who truly enjoy this magical season.


That Back-To-School Feeling Is SO Real

If you have school-aged children, then the cooling weather also means a return to the classroom for your kiddos. If you count down the days until their return, that's OK.


Really, Pumpkins Are Everything

Show me the lie, though. I've pretty much seen this happen, haven't you?


Punny Fall

OK, this one is wholesome enough to share with the kids. Humpty Dumpty just gets it.


Get The Rush

Even the line is a bit longer, it's worth the wait, to be honest. Also, this is what you'll turn into if you don't get your PSL.


Preparation Is Everything

Bust out your fuzzy sweaters and plaids, because it's almost cool enough to walk outside without breaking a sweat again. And not a moment too soon.


No, Pumpkin

OK, this one is a bit dark. But Halloween isn't all sweetness and light, after all.


All The Fall Crafts

Honestly, even craft shops are pretty magical this time of year. With orange leaves, burlap, and plenty of pumpkins, autumn craft-making can be so simple and beautiful. If this pic has you in the mood, there are some great DIY fall wreath ideas over at Bustle.


Hook Me Up

Would it taste the same in IV format, though? Probably not. (Might be worth finding out.)


Autumn Mom Problems

Of course, all the autumn babies wish they could have summertime birthday parties at the pool. (I'm speaking as an autumn baby.)


For Real

Be right back, I'm off to buy a couple dozen pumpkin candles. You can never have too many.


First Day Of Fall

I mean, does it even matter what the calendar says? Also, that manicure is on point.


Own It

Just enjoy your fall. The haters are all welcome to go turn into pumpkins while you sip your latte.


Never Too Many Pumpkins

Really, there's no such thing as having too many pumpkins. (Like candles.) Turn your home into a pumpkin patch if you like.


Given The Boot

Honestly, finding the right boot for the season is something of a quest. An endless quest, year after year.



The best part of dressing cozy is the fact that layering offers so many options. Even if that is technically a pajama top under your cardigan, no one else will ever know. It's yet another reason fall is basically the best.