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These 17 'Game Of Thrones' Memes Make Even The Darkest Night Hilarious

No matter how terrifying and tragic a given episode of Game of Thrones is, hop online right after it airs and you'll inevitably strike comedy gold. Clever denizens of the internet turn the show's darkest moments (figuratively and literally, as you'll soon see) into hilariously funny Game of Thrones memes faster than you can say "Valar Morghulis."

The eighth and final season of Thrones has been heavy on sadness, death, and destruction, but that hasn't stopped fans from finding plenty of moments to poke fun at. Thrones is a show that just lends itself to the meme treatment — it's like one of those "if I didn't laugh, I'd cry," situations, you know? Every week when the the latest episode ends, I find myself scrolling through the official hashtag on Twitter looking for laughs, and it never disappoints. LOLing is the perfect way to come down from the adrenaline high the show typically induces.

I feel like I should issue an obligatory warning that there are some spoilers in the 17 memes ahead. But seriously, if you have time to read this post, but not time to watch the latest episode... well then, in the words of Septa Unella: SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.


The Night Is Dark...

Unless your eyesight is a million times better than everyone else's, you probably had a little bit of trouble figuring out what exactly was happening during the Battle of Winterfell. The show received a barrage of criticism from people who felt the episode was poorly lit, forcing the show's cinematographer to explain that everyone probably needs to adjust their TV sets, according to TMZ.


Seriously, The Night Is Really Dark

The hard to see episode may have been tough to watch, but the subsequent memes kind of made it all worth it for me.


R.I.P. The Dothraki

My heart soared watching the Dothraki charge into battle with their blades ablaze... and sank just as fast as they were extinguished as quickly as birthday candles.


The Things We Do For Love (And Alcohol)

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this one. We've all been there, right?


What's The Procedure?!

Two amazing shows, united in one meme. If only the Starks had had a Dwight Schrute type to organize their defenses.


A Little Help Here, Bran?

You'd think that Bran, the only all-knowing being in the Game of Thrones world, would have given a little more helpful advice to his defenders as opposed to just checking out in a trance. But all's well that ends well, I guess?

I also have to give props to the maker of this meme for putting a shadowy bluish tint over everything, just like the real show.


That's Exactly What She's Gonna Do

Not to take anything away from Arya, Westeros' greatest assassin, but I think we can all agree that the Night King's own hubris played a not insignificant role in his demise. Could he not have walked through the Godswood just a little faster? Did he really have to pause for that staring contest with Bran? This could have turned into a very different series had the Night King just taken his opponents a wee bit more seriously.


Ice, Ice Baby

I still can't really believe that the Night King and his army of the undead are gone, just like that. And he wasn't even on Arya's list. Watch your back, Cersei.


Ladies Night

Arya wasn't the only heroine of the Battle of Winterfell. From Lyanna Mormont taking out a giant, to Melisandre keeping the fires burning, to even Dany getting in some hand to hand combat with the wights, the ladies really put in work.


Still Not Over It

I thought for sure Brienne was a goner after that super moving knighting ceremony earlier in the season. I can't wait to find out what happens next for her and Jaime (and Tormund).


Why Though?

Apparently there are people out there who don't watch Thrones? I'll never understand.


Just Say No To Spoilers

Not everyone can clear their calendar to watch Thrones right when it airs, so for the sake of those unfortunate souls, be careful what you Tweet — at least for the first day or two.


The End Is Coming

I can't deal with the idea that the series is going to be over for good, and soon. Let's not talk about this anymore.


Defensive Fail

This is the very opposite of Squad Goals. These guys could have basically been mannequins for all the help they gave their king when it really mattered.


What's Up With Tyrion?

Tyrion definitely seems to have lost his mojo a little bit recently, much like a certain God of Thunder. A few seasons ago, Tyrion was a brilliant Hand of the Queen conjuring up effective solutions to Daenerys's problems. More recently, however, he's been the architect of several stunning defeats. Can he redeem himself before the show's over?


Makes So Much Sense

That's one way to get Arya airborne.


Foolproof Strategy

I'm very, very nervous about what Cersei is capable of doing with tens of thousands of fresh troops at her disposal. Here's hoping her whole war plan falls apart without those elephants she was counting on.