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These 17 Holiday Gifts Will Make Moms-To-Be Feel So Loved

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When you’re pregnant, people automatically assume that any gift you get should be for the baby. But what are you — chopped liver? Pregnancy doesn’t mean that you still don’t have wants and desires (and that you don’t have a not-so-secret wish list of stuff that you’re hoping to get). So if you’ve got a preggo on your holiday shopping list this year, look to these 17 holiday gifts for pregnant women.

Because when you’re thinking of gifts for your gal pal, make sure to try to not make it double duty present (i.e. a diaper bag that works for both her and the baby). Because that’s what baby showers are for, and frankly, she probably wants something that’s going to make her feel pretty — and a whole lot less pukey. And while a lovely little layette or an adorable 0-3 month outfit is always appreciated, well, she might want something that’s meant just for her (and that she doesn't have to share with a newborn).

Although many of the gifts on this list have some sort of maternity slant towards them, they’re all meant to make the mom-to-be feel like she still matters, regardless of the fact that she’s growing a human (which is totes important, too). So ditch the diaper cake, because these 17 holiday gifts for pregnant women will make her holidays a whole lot happier.


A Birth Stone To Celebrate

Now she can add a little bling to accompany her belly with the sweet birth stone charm from Mejuri. Select one based on the birth month of the new mom, or if you’re sure of baby’s due date, you can always get one to match that month.


PJs For Pregnancy And Postpartum

Help her sleep in style with the Button Front Nursing Pajama Set from A Pea in the Pod. Not only will this last her the full nine months, she can wear it when she's breastfeeding, too.


Stretch Mark Cream To Stop The Itchiness

A big belly is beautiful. Scratching it all day long, um, isn’t. Mustela’s Stretch Mark Prevention Cream helps stop stretch marks in their tracks. It absorbs quickly, and is safe for breastfeeding after baby is born, too.


A Sweater To Sink Into

The cute Cable Knit Mock Neck Maternity Sweater from A Pea in the Pod is super soft and has a mock neck that won’t feel too constricting. And if she accidentally spills something on her belly, the sweater can be popped into the washing machine for a quick cleaning.


An Eye Cream To Combat Puffiness

This one is definitely a splurge, but she deserves it... plus, when the sleep-deprivation of new motherhood hits, she's *really* gonna appreciate having a high-performance eye cream like this one on hand. Made with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and diamond powder, reviewers swear this stuff gets results. Fun fact: Dermatologist Dr. Lancer's clients include Kim Kardashian, Michelle Williams, and other celebs with non-puffy eyes.e


A Water Bottle For Healthy Hydration

Since her daily water intake will increase while she’s pregnant, this cute Stay Hot Keep Cold water bottle from Lululemon can help her meet her body’s needs. Plus, it does double duty — it can keep her water cold for up to 24 hours, or her hot chocolate warm for nine.


A Pretty Pregnancy Journal

With so many changes happening to her both mentally and physically, there is so much to write about during those nine months. Now she can put pen to paper and take notes with the Bump For Joy Pregnancy Journal, which offers helpful prompts, checklists (and some sage advice) to help her remember it all.


Compression Socks To Combat Pain

Sure, they might not be sexy, but compression socks can help preggos who have painful foot pain or swelling in their legs. This 3-pack set of socks have a holiday vibe, so they should make her feel a ho ho ho lot happier.


A 3-in-1 Robe

The Latched Mama Maternity Labor Nursing Robe can be worn for nine months, in the hospital during delivery, and even after she brings her baby home. It comes in a wide variety of colorful prints, has a relaxed fit — and woot, it has pockets, too.


A Portable Preggers Kit

Ideal for holiday travel, this handy little kit will keep her feeling fresh, with essential items in scents that combat queasiness: Ginger Fresh deodorant, Morning Wellness Castile Body Wash, Belly Butter, Belly Oil, and Orange Ginger Lip Balm.


A Tea To Tame Her Tummy

Morning sickness is never fun, but it’s even worse around the holidays when it’s all about the food and festivities. The Pink Stork Tea comes in a 30-cup package and offers organic nausea relief with its ginger orange flavor. It can also help to keep her hydrated, too.


A Book For Bedtime

Motherhood is beautiful, crazy, and chaotic — all at the same time. Give her the gift of laughter (and a few life lessons, too) with the book You Are A F*cking Awesome Mom. If she already has a child, she’ll be able to relate to the insanity, and if this is her first baby, she’ll know what she’s in store for (in a good way, of course).


A Cool Cast To Remember Her Belly

Believe it or not, it’s easy to forget just how big your bump was after Baby comes. The Proud Body Basic Pregnancy Belly Cast creates a 3D memento of the proud momma’s belly or torso. She can keep it plain or even paint it with the theme of the baby’s nursery.


A Maternity Belt To Support Her Belly

It might not be the prettiest present you’ll ever give, but she’ll probably be very grateful to get the Loving Comfort Maternity Support Belt. It offers relief for lower back pain, and even supports the belly with an adjustable pad that can be repositioned at various points during the pregnancy.


Paper To Write Love Letters To Her Baby

Whether she’s writing a to do list, or a quick note to her future baby, the Personalized Stationery Set on Etsy is pretty...and practical as well. It can be personalized with the new mom’s name, and comes as a note card and notepad set.


Makeup To Wake Up Her Look

Sizzle Eyeshadow Palette from Tarte is perfect for any holiday party she might be attending. And after her baby is born, the glittery colors can give her (and her eyes) a much-needed boost.


A Mud Mask For The Mom-to-Be

The Dirty Detox Skin Glowing and Refining Mud Mask has four mineral-rich clays that leave the skin feeling fresh for days. It’s also made with charcoal and papaya enzyme that will give her even more of a glow than she already has.

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