17 Mother's Day Gifts From Etsy That Are Guaranteed To Make Mom Smile

Whenever I'm looking for inspiration for gifts — for a baby shower, for the holidays, or for Mother's Day — I turn to Etsy. It's a remarkable treasure trove of options for any holiday, and in most cases, you know who is behind the purchase you're making. While I do love a good browse around Target, there's something about purchasing from Etsy that feels a little more special and thoughtful, which is why you're going to want to have a peek at all the Mother's Day gifts from Etsy that are guaranteed to make the special mom in your life smile.

You'll find decorated cookies, personalized necklaces and even some pretty hilarious t-shirts from Etsy, a global marketplace for creative and crafted gifts, clothing, homewares, craft supplies and much, much more. Without fail, every time I start searching on Etsy for a gift for someone else, I end up with at least six more shops on my favorites list for myself. For your bank account, at least, it can be a dangerous place to browse!

If you're on the hunt for a gift that's extra-special, lets the mom in your life know just how much you love and appreciate them and all the tireless work they do, and that directly benefits an actual human person every time they see a sale in their inbox, I give you the following:

1. Decorated Cookies


Decorated cookies, $21, Etsy

Your mom would probably pretend she loves your baking, but unless it looks this pretty you should probably put the butter away and just order up a box. These are perfectly springy for the holiday and will be more delicious than a bouquet!

2. Handwriting Bracelet

Handwriting bracelet, from $28, Etsy

There's something beautiful about a loved one's handwriting, especially in an age when instances of actual handwriting are few and far between. This is a gift that would be perfect for almost any occasion, and from mom to daughter or daughter to mom. Write a special note to your mom and have it made into a beautiful bracelet.

3. Mama Bear Shirt


Mama bear shirt, $23, Etsy

A mama bear shirt is actually quite a compliment, in addition to being a pretty gift. Acknowledging a mom for protecting her little ones with the fierceness of a mama bear is a very kind sentiment on Mother's Day.

4. Personalized Waxed Canvas Tote


Personalized wax canvas tote, $55, Etsy

Rugged and durable enough to be used as a diaper bag, but pretty enough to wear day to day. You can also customize this tote with her initials ,which is even more special.

5. Original Watercolor Painting


Original watercolor painting, $32, Etsy

Obviously, one of the incredible benefits of buying from Etsy is that you can actually buy one-of-a-kind, original artwork like this rose watercolor painting. You could give it to her with a gift card for framing as well.

6. Ceramic Vase


Ceramic vase, $34, Etsy

Rather than giving her a bouquet, try something daintier by giving her a colorful vase with a single tulip or peony.

7. Handmade Wreath


Handmade wreath, $135, Etsy

Upgrade the faux floral wreath that's been on her door since she took her Christmas wreath down, and replace it with this incredible ivy vine wreath.

8. Initial Necklace


Initial necklace, $175, Etsy

A 14k gold initial necklace, whether with her initials or the initial of her child, is a beautiful keepsake gift for a mom this Mother's Day.

9. Sea Glass & Pebble Art


Seaglass and pebble art, $60, Etsy

This sweet little artistic creation of a birdhouse made from sea glass and pebbles is so unique and especially apropos for Mother's Day, especially if the mom in your life has a baby bird in the house.

10. Lavender Spa Set


Lavender spa set, $36, Etsy

With lavender lip balm, body oil, a clay mask, a bath bomb, and personalized towel, this is a luxurious gift set any mom would be thrilled to receive.

11. Hand Painted Silk Scarf


Hand painted silk scarf, $145, Etsy

This hand painted silk scarf is beautiful and wearable art! Painted with Chinese Lantern or winter cherry flowers.

12. Personalized Gold Bar Necklace


Personalized old bar necklace, from $28, Etsy

This dainty gold bar necklace can be personalized with the initials of each of her kids, and comes in either gold filled or sterling silver metal.

13. Copper Birdcage Table Lamp


Copper birdcage table lamp, $225, Etsy

These incredible lamps are handmade and one of a kind, so you'll know, for sure, that the mom in your life will be the only one rocking this gift on Mother's Day. The company also makes stunning pendants that would really stand out above a dining table.

14. Leather Matisse Earrings


Leather Matisse earrings, $39, Etsy

These sculptural earrings are totally on trend, but they can end up being pretty heavy. These are made from leather, which will be much lighter for the mom in your life to rock longer!

15. Merveille Scents Candle


Merveille Scents candle, $27, Etsy

Depending on your mom's favorite scent, you can choose from 11 different options and the candle comes in this beautiful glass blush pink vessel. Poured in Southern California, the company's candles are made from soy wax, which is very eco friendly.

16. Birthstone Stacking Rings


Birthstone stacking rings, $76 for a set of 4, Etsy

Some women love wearing rings, and this would be a beautiful set if the mom in your life has three kids or even wants to include her partner. They stack together perfectly so they don't take up too much room on her finger.

17. Ocean Print


Ocean print, $85, Etsy

No matter what place is special to the mom in your life, you'll probably be able to find a limited edition print that depicts it. If she just loves ocean scenes, this print would do just the trick.

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