These 17 Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers Include Kids, & It's The Sweetest Idea

A wedding is a big day in the lives of the couple getting married, but it's also a huge day in the lives of their children. Whether you and your spouse share one child, or you're both bringing kids from previous relationships into the marriage, there are lots of ways to make them feel included in the day. One fun way is with a family wedding cake topper (because let's be real, eating cake is probably any kid's favorite part of a wedding).

There are so many cute family cake toppers that can fit your theme, your personality, and your budget. Marrying a Stars Wars junkie or a comic book fiend? There's a topper for that. Getting married on the beach at sunset? There's an absolutely perfect topper for that, too. There are options that are surprisingly affordable, or investment pieces that are destined to become a cherished family heirloom for years to come. You can keep it simple and just display everyone's names, or go all out and have customized miniature sculptures of each family member made. Whatever kind of family topper you choose, it's sure to be moving and memorable.

Here are 17 great options for cake toppers that include kids.