Toddlers can play in the cold weather as long as they're bundled, experts say.
These 18 Winter Gear Items For Babies Will Keep Those Tootsies Toasty

When it was my son's first winter and he was just 5 months old, I was constantly freaked out about whether or not he was warm enough. I sure wish I had this list of winter gear items for babies back then, but I hope that this list will give parents some peace of mind, and a pretty good idea of items that will keep your baby (and you, in some instances) warm all season long.

Since we can't put heavy jackets on babies and toddlers when they're in the car seat, we need to have some other options to make sure they stay nice and toasty. Whether it's a car seat cover, a carrier cover, or even a stroller sleeping bag contraption that makes your kid look like a burrito, there are definitely safe and genius ways to ensure your baby will stay warm and dry this winter. And for the babies who are walking, you have to have a great pair of rain boots (if you're in the south where it rains and doesn't snow in the winter), and snow suits for other parts of the country. And for all climates, there's a snazzy stroller cover that will make sure baby stays nice and dry while still being able to see the world around them while traveling through the city or going on daily walks.


Rubber Boots

My kid is obsessed with these boots. He wants to wear them all. the. time. And since winters in Georgia are more wet than snowy more often than not, these are the perfect addition to my baby's winter wardrobe. Plus, they're short, which makes them easier for him to walk in and go up and down stairs.


Puffer Jacket

A puffer jacket is a must-have for those cold winter days and nights, just make sure your baby isn't wearing it when you put them in their car seat.


Hat With A Strap

My child loathes hats of any kind. I wonder if it's because he used to have to wear a helmet to shape his head? But if your kid is like mine and you want them to keep their heads nice and warm this winter, this winter hat with a strap is perfect for keeping it secure and off of the floor of the backseat of your car.


Fur-Lined Snow Boots

Whether your baby is old enough to toddle around, or if they're still not walking quite yet, they still need to keep their feet warm and protected, and these faux fur-lined boots will definitely do the trick.


Carrier Cover

Not only is this an awesome product for baby, but parents can keep their hands nice and toasty, too, with this snuggle cover. Between your body heat and the cover, I think your baby will be feeling pretty awesome even on the coldest winter days.



If your baby isn't like mine and will keep their hats on, these beanies are not only adorable, but super warm to boot. They come in a variety of colors and are knitted with durable materials, so they should last quite a while.


Fleece Non-Skid Booties

The other thing my son likes to tear off as soon as I put them on his body is socks. So when he's toddling around our house, I feel terrible because his feet feel so cold. These baby booties came in handy for sure. In addition to being warm and snuggly, they're velcro, ensuring my kid will keep them on for at least 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Baby steps. Literally.


Stroller Sleeping Bag/Footmuff

If you're traveling in the city or just going for walks with your baby, this sleeping bag for your stroller will ensure your baby stays nice and warm on your adventures. And one of the best parts about this item is that your baby can't kick it off. Plus, there are "7 reserved positioned notches" for both 3-point and 5-point seat belts in your stroller, the description noted.


Fleece-Lined Hoodie

As someone who has a hard time with the jacket shuffle in the backseat of the car when trying to get my son in and out to go into the grocery store, I am a huge fan of thin layers for him to wear while still being safely strapped into his car seat. A long-sleeved onesie under a long-sleeved t-shirt and this hoodie definitely keeps him warm.

And I am obsessed with this hoodie from Primary. It's got the warmth that a normal hoodie provides, plus it's lined. My son stays warm and safe in his car seat — and I don't have to wrestle him in the parking lot to get his coat on to walk 50 feet to the grocery store. Win-win.


Baby Pram

Adorable and functional, this baby pram by Carter's is a must-have for winter. They'll be warm and snug in this fluffy bodysuit complete with a warm hood. The ears may not add warmth the the ensemble, but they sure do add on to the cuteness factor.


Sweater With Baby Carrier Pocket

Though I believe women could wear this and benefit from it too, this fleece jacket with a built-in nook for your baby is genius.


Car Seat Cover

When my son was really tiny we had the system where you could take his carseat out of the back and carry him around, and also snap it into the stroller. This car seat cover would have been really handy in keeping him warm, since he always would kick off the blankets we put on top of him. And this particular cover goes around the seat and doesn't interfere with the buckles or harness, so it's safe as well.


Rain Suit

For those southern babies who deal with a lot of rain during the winter months, this waterproof coverall will definitely keep them warm and dry this winter. They reinforced the knees for those busy crawlers, and there's even a little handy storage bag!



These keep my son's hands nice and warm when we go on our walks in the mornings. They're great material, well-made, and are adorable to boot. He enjoys clapping with them on and the sound they make, so I believe my son gives them a 5/5, too.


Sherpa Cardigan

Similar to the pram, this is the version for parents who don't want to mess with the full-body outfit during changes and maybe the older babies who do not want to wear one full bodysuit. Come on, mom. They're big kids now, got it?


Winter Sleep Sack

For babes who are still too young for blankets, this cozy sleep sack will safely ensure they stay warm all night long.


Stroller Cover

For rain and snow dusting, this stroller cover keeps your baby dry while allowing them to still look out at the world around them. Don't forget your poncho, parents.


Snow Suit

These jumpsuits always remind me of that scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie's mom is trying to get his brother Randy in his suit to go to school and he can't move his arms. Then when the bullies pick a fight, "he lays there like a slug because it was his only defense." So whether you're cosplaying A Christmas Story or you're looking for a snowsuit with a hood, this one from Amazon is good choice.