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These 18 Gorgeous Maternity Wedding Dresses Are Perfect For Showcasing Your Bump

Once upon a time, women who became pregnant before marriage had to rush into a first-trimester wedding with a loose hide-everything gown, then do a little fudging about dates when the baby arrived. Happily, times have changed, and now expectant brides can proudly show off their baby bumps in stunning wedding gowns that make them feel like princesses and moms. (As well they deserve to feel.)

When you're planning a wedding before the baby arrives, you can either opt for a loose gown that subtly hides your figure (which works well if you're in the early stages), or go with a closer-fitting style that tells the world that there's an extra member in the wedding party. Celebs such as Drew Barrymore, Alicia Keys, Jessica Alba, Bethenny Frankel, and Julianna Margulies are among the latter category, choosing dresses that displayed their growing bellies to full advantage. If that's the approach that appeals to you, look for gowns made with jersey, Spandex, or stretch lace, which will conform to your curves. Details like belts and sashes call attention to your middle. Mermaid-style gowns or short cuts tend to be more form-fitting than ball gowns, and some "maternity shoot" dresses designed for formal pregnancy photos can also double as wedding gowns if they're not too see-through.

These are just a few of the gorgeous options out there for women celebrating both their love and their growing families. Best of all, they're all budget-friendly (many are under $200, and the least expensive is $32!), which leaves more in your bank account for all those diapers and onesies.