Grandparents Sitting On Sofa Playing With Baby Granddaughter At Home
These 18 Gifts For National Grandparents Day Will Make Every Nana & Pop-Pop Smile

Even though they get individual attention on Mother's Day and Father's Day, parents and grandparents have yet another day to get an extra dose of love and celebration. For National Grandparents Day, they deserve special gifts that acknowledge their place in the family and in our hearts. Happily, there's time to shop and a great assortment of items to choose from.

National Grandparents Day 2019 arrives on September 8, a nice time of year to have a holiday. (It always falls on the Sunday after Labor Day, when the weather is still pleasant enough for a barbecue or a family outing.) As National Day Calendar explained, Grandparents Day was created to honor the special bond between grandmas, grandpas, and the grandchildren they adore. There's a connection they share that can't quite be duplicated by parents, nor should it.

The gap in ages allows kids to learn from a generation that has seen more family and world history. In turn, grandparents relive the joy of being with younger children, without the responsibilities of parenting. (Dirty diaper? Back to you, Daddy!) Parents, in turn, realize their place in the family chain, and look ahead to the time when they, too, will become part of the older and wiser generation.

If you're stuck for gift ideas for the grandparents in your life, here are just a few suggestions. They're all thoughtful and memorable, and not a single couch throw or scented candle among them (because hello, cliché much?).


Family Birthday Reminder

For grandparents, the most important days on the calendar are the ones that celebrate their family members. This attractive wall hanging lets them see at a glance which birthdays and anniversaries are coming up (all the better to send those cards and plan their Skype calls). Comes with a pen for personalizing and adding dates.


Keepsake Letters

Your mom or dad (or get one for both!) will appreciate being able to share their thoughts and memories with your children. The book is a selection of 12 prompts, such as "It may surprise you to learn that when I was young... " and "One positive change I've seen in the world is... " Once your parent completes the letters, use the stickers included to seal them, then postdate them with the date you want your children to read them (say, their 18th birthday, or their college graduation).


Smart Doorbell

Give the gift of peace of mind for both you and your parent or grandparent. This high-tech doorbell works with Alexa Echo to send alerts when the bell rings or when motion is detected by the door. Even when your loved one isn't home, they can see and speak to the visitor via their phone or tablet wherever they are.


Name Book

Gammy, MorMor, or Honey? Granddad, Opa, or Sparky? It can be tough choosing the name your parents (or you!) will be affectionately called by the next generation. This guide offers plenty of options, from traditional to trendy — and even gives suggestions on creating a custom name that will set the new grandparents apart from the rest.


Family Christmas Ornament

If your family is the type that counts down the days to Christmas in... June, it's not too early to give the grandparents in your life something for their tree. This Hallmark charmer can be personalized with names, date, or any message of your choosing. Slip a pic of the grandkids inside, and you've got a gift that will be cherished for years.


3 Months of Coffee

If your mom or grandpa can't start the day without a fresh cup of coffee, treat them to three months' worth of roasted goodness. This Brooklyn-based company will send your recipient a four-bag sampler pack, each with single-origin beans for grinding and brewing. Then Dad or Gran can let them know which two varieties they want for the second and third month's deliveries. If this gift is a hit... well, now you'll know what to buy for their birthday.


Herb Growing Kit

If your grandparents are renowned for their cooking, they'll appreciate an assortment of herbs to enhance their favorite recipes. (Imagine Nana's tomato sauce with fresh basil and oregano added!) These easy-to-grow plants come complete with coconut coir pots, soil disks, full packets of seeds, and drainage trays to avoid overwatering.


Modern Stereo

Somewhere in the basement or attic, your grandparents probably have a collection of 33s that deserve more than just a layer of dust. A good standard turntable like this one will bring them back the joy of listening to their favorite albums, be they Motown, classical, disco, or heavy metal.


Knee-Saving Garden Aid

For parents and grandparents who like to do their gardening outdoors, this device is a must. In the lower position, it's a cushioned kneeler that keeps knees comfortable and clean while you dig and weed; turn it upside down, and it's a handy bench to sit on for watering, pruning taller plants, or just for relaxing.



The older drivers in your family will be safer ones with a car GPS. The Garmin can guide them to unfamiliar locations, suggest detours, and alert them to landmarks, red-light cameras, and road hazards. It also offers hands-free calling and texting for users with compatible smartphones.


Wearable Massager

Were you a pain in the neck as a kid? Here's your chance to make up for it to your parents or grandparents. This portable massager can be worn around the neck or back, providing a shiatsu-like rolling rubdown to sore muscles. The infrared heat function adds a soothing warmth.


Grandma Necklace

Grandmothers always keep their grandchildren close to their heart, but there's nothing wrong with having a visible reminder, too. Use the three-disk option to stack the names of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, or order just two disks for two generations. Finish it off with Grandma's birthstone, and you've got a one-of-a-kind keepsake.


Whiskey Chiller

For a grandfather (or grandmother!) who takes their whiskey-sipping seriously, this gift set has it all: an attractive decanter, highball glasses, slate coasters, tongs, and two stainless-steel whiskey balls with a carrying pouch. Put the stones in the pouch and freeze them, then add to the glasses to chill the whiskey to the proper temperature without diluting it.


Portable Wine Tumbler

Why should the grandkids be the only ones with a convenient drink carrier? Meemaw can tote her water, hot tea, or Sauvignon Blanc in this BPA-free stainless steel tumbler, which features a sealable lid and metal straw.


Grandpa Shark Shirt

For a grandpa with a great sense of humor, this is a fun gift. We recommend giving him a bottle of his favorite adult beverage to go with it, because the grandkids are going to start singing that song as soon as he unwraps the box.


Keepsake Memory Box

Grandparents in particular are sure to appreciate these carefully crafted memory boxes, filled with custom-designed and printed personal messages and photos. Meant to be a "unique, personalized experience that connects the recipient to his/her life story, told by those they’ve touch along the way," Boombox makes lacquer and bone inlay boxes that make ideal gifts for any occasion (especially Grandparent's Day), and all you have to do is upload your memories of choice: Boombox Concierge and Card Design teams do all the design and printing. Prices range from $100 to $348, and boxes take about 4 weeks to be ready, so order now!


Smart Canvas

Sure, this one seems like a bit of a splurge. But the world's first "digitally connected smart frame canvas" gives users the option to display pieces from an expertly curated library of more than 30,000 artworks — all by using your voice, waving your hand, or opening the mobile app. (Consider the cost of a framed print or original artwork, and the price seems much more reasonable.) Plus, it can be customized to suit anyone’s tastes, even showcasing your own photography... so if all they want is a non-stop display of grandkid photos, that works too.


Surprise Announcement Onesie

Finally, if you've got big news to share with your parents on Grandparents Day, do it the cute way with this announcement bodysuit. After the shrieks and tears of joy have subsided (and you've captured the moment for your social media feed), you can keep the onesie for your new arrival to wear for their first visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house.