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These Trader Joe's Appetizers Are Literal Must-Haves For Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl parties are not the time for long, drawn out meals with multiple courses and gold gilt silverware. Nope. The party for the big game screams for finger foods, chilis, and easily served dishes that you can grab and run. Thankfully, retailers like Trader Joe's know this and are prepared with loads of goodies that fit the bill. Notorious for their prepared and frozen food section, their game day food is on point. To help you prepare for your party, I headed out there and found the best, easiest Trader Joe's appetizers for the Super Bowl that are sure to be the MVP of your gathering.

Trader Joe's can be a bit overwhelming if you go in without a game plan. I know that when I go in there with no real direction, I end up with six boxes of cookies, four bags of cauliflower gnocchi, and a lot of beer. That's why I always try to make a list before I go in so that I know what I am getting. Clear eyes, full cart, can't lose.

Their appetizer selection is also mind-bogglingly large. Trader Joe's has appetizers from all over the world, and I have yet to find one that is not so delicious that I lick my fingers after eating it. If you want to head to your local Trader Joe's for fun new apps to perfect your Super Bowl party, here's the list to keep in your pocket.


Tempura Cauliflower

These are so freaking good, you guys. And they are perfect for a big game appetizer. They're also vegan, and it's always nice to offer vegan or vegetarian options. Plus at only $5, they're a steal.


Sesame Crossini

Yum. These are little bits of sesame croissant heaven for under $3. They bake up in minutes, taste great even hours later, and everyone loves them. These sell out fast, so if you see them, pick up a few extra boxes.


Truffle Flatbread

Because you're fancy, even if you don't want to admit it. This pizza is a favorite for my husband and me, and we always fight over the pieces that have the most mushroomy goodness. For $4.49, you get a 12" flatbread that's enough to serve three as an appetizer. Needless to say, buy at least one for yourself and one for your partner to prevent a fight.


Burrata Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza

If you aren't familiar with the creamy goodness that is burrata, you need to get to know it. When you combine the soft mozzarella with prosciutto and peppery arugula, you're in for a treat. At $5, it's a cheap and easy appetizer.


Aloo Chaatkati Pouches

Two words: savory pop-tart. These babies are filled with a spicy blend of chickpeas and chutney, and it's $2.49 for two of them — worth every penny.



I'm from New York City. Falafel is as common as rats on the subway and buses arriving late. They're sold on every other street corner and we can't live without it, so it's no surprise that I'd think this is the perfect appetizer for your Super Bowl party. Especially at just $4.



I guarantee that you already have chips and salsa being served (perhaps you even bought them at Trader Joe's), so throw these bad boys in the cart while you're at it because they are amazing. $3.49 for two whole quesadillas? I'm dreaming.


Tiny Tacos

Tacos are even better when they're cute and little. These specific ones have tender pulled chicken inside, and my son could plow through the box all by himself. (Although, he is a bottomless pit.) At just $4.29 a box, these are a must-have.


Chicken Taquitos

These taquitos are huge, so you can easily cut them in halves or thirds to serve a big crowd. I like mine dipped in Trader Joe's queso if you need a serving inspiration. Trust me when I tell you that it's a whole mood in your mouth.


Pork Gyoza Potstickers

These potstickers are dead simple and so delicious. They're full of ginger-garlic flavor, and my kids love them dipped in soy sauce and hot mustard. The bag is huge, and for $3, it can't be beat.



Being Eastern European, I can't imagine a gathering without pelmeni. Like Russian tortellini, these are savory dumplings filled with chicken and mushroom that don't require any fancy dressing up. (Although they're great with sour cream.) Just $4 per bag.


Shu Mai

This bag of shu mai even includes the dipping sauce, because who needs any extra steps? Thanks TJ's for coming through once again.


Pastry Bites

Again, you're fancy. You already proved that with the truffle flatbread. Now you've got puff pastry with caramelized onion and feta cheese. Nobody has to know you just paid $5 for 12.


Puff Dogs

Y'all. These are nitrite-free and still full of flavor. The crust is oh so buttery and the hot dog has snap. And at just $6.49 for five full-sized hot dogs, they're even more magical.


Spinach Artichoke Dip

If there is spinach dip to be had, I am having it. It's one of my favorite foods of all time, and I would eat it off of a shoe. Luckily, there will be chips and bread at most parties, so I guess I won't need to resort to scooping it off my duck boots. This particular box was just $3, so make your budget and tummy happy.


Cheese Spiral

Cheese spirals, football spirals — they all go together, right? They do if it's five cheeses rolled in phyllo dough from Trader Joe's at just $5.



These spanakopita come out of the oven delicious, and they're still irresistible three hours later. Spinach and cheese in flaky pastry never tasted so good at just $4 for 12.


Tempura Shrimp

Need something for the seafood fans? Look no further than this yummy tempura shrimp with sweet soy dip. The tempura batter is light and perfect, and the box is just $8.