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19 Perfect Instagram Captions For Those Angelic Sleeping Toddler Pics

Oh to be a toddler again. Back when life's biggest stressors were learning to walk, what time snack would be served, and how many additional minutes on the playground you could convince your parents to allow. Not to mention the naps. Remember the naps? Forced hours of rest! Can you even imagine? Maybe that's why we're always taking snaps of our kids snoozing. But what to put with the post? How about these 19 cute Instagram captions for pics of toddlers sleeping?

From classic quotes to puns to all kinds of idioms, there are dozens of ways to caption your snoozing toddler's photos. Sappy or sweet, even the most cynical types will have trouble not clicking on that little heart icon when they see your darlin' doodlebug in all their drooling and dreaming glory. Yes, even those who are jealous that they’re sitting at their desk in front of their computer instead of living that carefree toddler life. Hey, if you can’t be napping, at least you can appreciate someone else enjoying a few winks of shut eye, right? So we’ve compiled some go-to caption options, from funny sayings to insight from one of our favorite celebrity moms, the one and only Mindy Kaling.


"Sleeping Beauty"

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Let's face it, to you there is no other like your child. They are perfect in every way. And when they are blissfully dreaming is often when they look most perfect.


"Sleeping on the job"

When you're a tiny human, exhaustion sets in quick. What parent hasn't found their toddler sacked out in some awkward space, face down on the carpet? Sleeping on the job seems apropos.


"Happy Hour < Nappy Hour"

Remember when a long week of work meant dreaming about Friday night happy hour? Those days are gone, my friend. Now the best thing in life is a nap, for you and yours.


"Sleeping like a baby"

Nothing is more peaceful than a wee babe at rest. No wonder we always say "sleeping like a baby."


"Dream big"

Kids will hear this phrase about one million times before they reach kindergarten, but it bears repeating even when sugarplum fairies are dancing in their heads.



If you have a tiny snorer on your hands, nothing captions them better.


“When the going gets tough, the tough take a nap.” Tom Hodgkinson

May we all live by Tom Hodgkinson's wise words. If at first you don't succeed, climb under the covers and give yourself a minute.


"Nap like no one is watching"

No one does this better than children. Let's salute our tiny mouth breathers in all their REM glory.


"TFW you hit the snooze button one more time"

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Even kids hate getting up in the morning (just ask my four-year-old). Wouldn't we all love to be able to just keep dreaming?


"My American Dream"

Feeling patriotic? This says it all.


“A power nap is when you sleep on someone who's weaker than you.” Demetri Martin

For parents, comedian Demetri Martin's quote is too real. Especially when you think back on those moments when you finally get a kid to sleep but they're on your arm and any movement might wake them so you stay there slowly losing all feeling in your fingertips. That's love, my friends.



Forget about Jake Gyllenhaal and Brad Pitt. The real dreamboat is your tiny boy and he's never looked more precious than curled up asleep with his teddy bear.


"Living the dream"

Kids really are living the dream, whether awake or sleep. If only they knew how lucky they are.


“Fatigue is the best pillow.” — Benjamin Franklin

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Dad's knee, a car window, the stairs, it could be anything. When a toddler hits their exhaustion wall, all bets are off on where they might fall asleep.


“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” — Homer

Take a T, little friend. It's time for a snooze.


“There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it.” — Mindy Kaling

Hear, hear, Mindy! For you, for me, and for all the tiny tots awaking from their beauty rest at the butt crack of dawn.


"Power Nap"

Toddlers have mastered the art of the power nap. That's the only way to explain how it is humanely possible that a person could skip seconds after returning to consciousness.


"Disco Nap"

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Have a 9 a.m. birthday party followed by a 2 p.m. visit to the zoo? That's no problem if you're a toddler. Just log a few moments of shut-eye in your car seat and bam! Back in business.


"Working on some R&R"

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Rest and relaxation. Remember that? No? Your kid does. Maybe he can teach you a thing or two about it?