19 Genius Products From Amazon Even Fussy Babies Will Like

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If you have a sweet but fussy baby, it can seem like nothing you do pleases them. You may feel discouraged or frustrated by the situation and there's absolutely no shame in turning to genius products that fussy babies like to keep them entertained, comforted, and happy.

There are so many reasons why your baby may seem fussy, and I promise that none of them have to do with how much they are loved. It's common for babies to become fussy while breastfeeding if let-down is too fast or slow for them. Your baby could ALSO be experiencing colic, which typically starts at around three weeks and is identified by signs that include muscle tension, inconsolability, and crying episodes that happen around the same time each day. Your infant may be going through sleep regression and responding emotionally to lack of rest. Or, another super common issue: your baby could be in pain caused by gas.

Whatever the reason may be, being knowledgeable about what's troubling your little one might calm you down in the moment, but there are products out there that can actually help your fussy baby — which, of course, means a lot less stress for you both.

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