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Dress Up For Pride In These 19 Fun Fashion & Beauty Finds

Pride Month is a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and to honor the heroic actions of activists during the Stonewall riots. While all you need to show off your love this month is your heart, if you’re looking for some extra flair there are plenty of artist-made items and products to wear during Pride Month (or the rest of the year).

Why are rainbows associated with LGBTQ+ pride? The original rainbow flag was designed by gay rights activist Gilbert Baker in 1978, according to NBC. It’s been suggested that he was inspired by the “Flag of the Human Race,” a flag of horizontal striped bars that called for unity and peace amongst all races. The first version of the flag consisted of eight rainbow colors, with meanings ascribed to each: hot pink (symbolizing sex), red (symbolizing life), orange (healing), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), turqouise (art), indigo (serenity), and violet (spirit). The flag was eventually simplified to the traditional six colors more commonly used today. And actually, there are many other flags associated with pride that specifically denote different orientations, identities, and genders. Here’s a comprehensive list of pride flags to familiarize yourself with.

If you’re looking for some great expressions of pride, here are some gorgeous items (many of which are handmade) for you and your family to don for Pride Month.